Sunday, March 11, 2007

Do I Eeeeee Over Dancing Fruits and Vegies First?... or Ewwww Over Beanie Babies?

So... I had this whole Beanie Babies blog all prepared... and then all of a sudden HE BLOGGED! So first things first I guess.

It was just so great to hear his voice. And yes, I think we could almost taste it.

  • He talked about how much fun he had on Kimmel and the Mike and Juliet Show.

  • He talked about getting sick and traveling to BRAZIL in the hopes of getting all that "drip" all dried up and out of him. (He's so cute... even with the post-nasals...) And then his ears practically exploded on the plane only to end up in SWELTERING 98 degrees and humidity smack dab in the middle of Carnival.

  • He talked about a new drink he's found.. Guarana. Pronounced "Gwa-rah-nah... which is obviously is the salvation to his caffeine aversion and perhaps to date his only self-admitted weakness, McDonalds fries aside.

  • BAF Gala coming up on the 31st... check.

  • Teeth and Hair... check.

  • Ears? He hasn't spilled on THOSE yet but I think he's just trying to lead up to it gently...

  • He is now friends with the President's daughter and can finally let himself admit to the fact that he's cool... Yes, COOL. And emited a heartfelt "Yay Me?" after surving a crowded room. Yay Clay!

  • UNICEF stuff is in the works.

  • He will tour this summer with Stetsons and surfboards... though nobody seems to quite get what that means... though I do.

  • There are some exciting developments in the works and his fingers hurt. OMG! He's been studying the guitar! I just KNEW IT!

And then he posted! Just to make sure that everyone would know he had blogged! I wish I could share the screenprint I took of it but the OFC rules prohibit me.

Still, I think it would be within the rules to at least share in his enthusiasm... which would be:

Omigod!!! I SWEAR I only copied and pasted that ONCE! Seriously! Pinky swears! And then it just kept on multiplying and multiplying and multipying! His enthusiam is SO ridiculously contagious sometimes!

Beanie Baby saga coming up next... So can you even wait?

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