Sunday, February 17, 2008

We Had A Wonderful Time!...

As you may know... I just returned from the beautiful isles of Hawaii. Well, not "just." It's taken me quite a while to navigate my way in through this slushy white junk that seems to be inhabiting my subdivision. But enough of that.

Hawaii was wonderful... s'marvelous. I don't remember ever feeling so rejuvinated.

My plan is to make a big old picture montage to music which will include everybody's pictures... of which we took alot of! But until then...

Here's a picture of the members of my wonderful family who were able to share in this awesome vacation.

And here are just a few other pics...



Peaceful too





Green Stuff

Ship in Kauai

Rainbow Over Maui

Waimea Canyon

North Shore Oahu


Love You Too D!

And I didn't even think about Clay at all!

OK, well maybe just once...

And here it is:

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