Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's Just Not Completely Christmas Without Clay...

I couldn't help it. Had to go back and watch.

I remember the days of the promise. The traditional annual Christmas Tour promise. And I seriously think at the time he believed it. I know we believed it. And it was at least for those brief few years the primary thing that made Christmas for me.

We know now that at the time he was about to welcome a child into the world, but of course we didn't know it then. If we had, would this song have been even more poignant? Would we have wept even more knowning this would be one of the last concert appearances we'd see from him in a very, very long time?


All I know is that I definitely miss those shell pink lips, that wonky eye and even the sometimes wonky voice...

Shoot, I just miss all of him. And that is all.

Wishing you all a blessed and beautiful Christmas.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In Fond Memory of "Ashes"

Saturday, November 14, 2009


So, it has been brought to my attention that I haven't blogged recently.

Ooops, haha. Didn't mean to plagerize. But I'll borrow whatever I can get...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Table Scraps...

So, it has been brought to my attention that I haven't blogged recently. True! I have been really bad. So sorry. I think sometimes I don't have anything to say, and then by the time I do have something to say there's just so much that I can't figure out what exactly to talk about. So here are the table scraps that have been piling up in my brain for the last several weeks.

Thanks SOOOOOO much to all of you who were able to attend the NIP Champions Gala. It was great fun and a real success. I think we raised the bard this year and i look forward to making it a huge hit in years to come.

What happened to Wake County Schools?!?1 Now that i have a kid i am so much more invested and I am EXTREMELY disappointed that so many selfish idiots ran and won seats on the school board. i hope we can get rid of them as soon as possible before they ruin my school system. Idiots.

Been traveling a lot lately to work on the album. I am very excited about it. Recording orchestras in London. Working on song arrangements and such in New York. Will be headed back to london and then on to Germany in the coming weeks to do more orchestra stuff and to do vocals. I am quite happy with what we are doing this time, and extremely satisfied with the direction we are headed in on this album. It is going to be fun.

Looking at trying to do a PBS special for next year to go along with this album. I think it may work out. That will be fun, and it will target an audience that I really hope to target this time. We'll keep you up to date.

While in London last time I went, with Hannah, to see Sister Act: the Musical. I went because I thought it would be a disaster and I wanted to see how bad it would be. I was SOOO WRONG. It was incredible. REALLY great. The sets were some of the most amazing I have EVER seen on a stage and the music was SPECTACULAR. Alan Menken, who wrote Aladdin and Beauty and The Beast and MUCH more, wrote the music for this... it was SOOO good. Makes me REALLY want to do hunchback of Notre Dame (which he also wrote) on Broadway. Anyone know anyone at Disney Theatricals? Wanna pull some strings? ;-)

I also saw Precious (the movie)... UNBELIEVABLE. It was so real and so gritty and so horrifying. Yet, at the same time, there were amazing glimpses of light in it. Several times the entire audience laughed out loud. It was really great. When it opens in your city, you must go! Mo'Nique MUST win the Oscar for supporting actress. You will NOT have a dry eye when you see this film.

Yippee! The News & Observer is now on my Kindle!

One of my contacts fell out today and it took forever to put it back in. Then, once I got it in, it hurt. So, I tried to take it back out and it didn't want to come out. What is that all about? Why do they fall out when you want them in, and stay stuck in when you want them out? ? ? So now my eye is all red, and I'm on to glasses again for a while.

Did you see Larry King last night? Carrie Prejean is a complete dumbass!

That's all my brain can regurgitate for now. Miss y'all. See ya soon!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Best line of the day... Why do they fall out when you want them in, and stay stuck in when you want them out? ? ?


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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Welcome to my Green Place...

Recycling's good...


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Retro *sigh* From a Long Time Ago...

In August of 2003 I flew from Grand Rapids to St. Louis ALL ALONE just to see some wanna-be "Pop Star." At the time I pretty much thought I was crazy for doing it. Little did I know I was definitely not all alone...

And in retrospect... it was probably one of the best frivolously used vacation days I've ever spent in my life!

It was hot though!... really, really hot! Warning: Don't ever visit St. Louis in the middle of August! Unless of course you have a really good reason to! Funny now when I think back on it, I barely remember the heat. Until he rose out of that stage that is...

He was real!!!

It was just so much fun to have found this video once again and be able to revisit it. I was sitting directly behind all those ladies on the front row waiving their signs! And yet I was totally oblivious to them... if you can imagine.

An out of body experience for sure!

Ah, and I just found this too! My little snippet of a review. *g*

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Absolutely Love This Video!...

... Only because it helps to remind me just how much we don't really know him!

And it also prompted me to call the wedding off... hahahaha

But no, seriously! I truly, truly LOVE that video! I do!!! Each and every single 360 degrees of it!!!

Thanks again jojoct!..

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nobody ever reads my blog so I think I'm good...

A "Super Secret" Q&A Compilation from the OFC...

Originally Posted by ClaymateRn
Clay, I was wondering if the swelling after your surgery effected your vocal cords or your ability to sing for awhile. Do you still have swelling at times, especially when you eat a large meal or chew gum?

Yeah. I think the swelling probably hurt my ability to hit some higher notes at the time. But, I think the real issue now is that I haven't sung in a while. I went to karaoke the other night, just for fun, and I sounded like a dying mule

Originally Posted by Arielone
Hi Clay,
Is there a place or country that you have not yet visited that you would like to travel to?

I would really like to go to Zimbabwe. I also want to visit all of the "stans".


Originally Posted by septskyblueeyes
Your biggest pet peeve is?

You know how, on late model cars, the keyhole for the trunk is covered with some sort of emblem that flips up. I HATE HATE HATE it when someone's keyhole cover is flipped up while they are driving. I have been known to get out of my car at a stoplight and fix that.

Originally Posted by jesse13

Do you vote for the political party, the candidate or based on issue(s) that you agree with?

I usually just make a pretty pattern with the dots. ;-)


Originally Posted by RoRizzo
You wanted Ruben to sing at your funeral. Do you want him to sing at your wedding?

Am I getting married?

Originally Posted by jesse13
What is your favorite "big" word to pull out of your vocabulary when trying to impress people in conversations?


Originally Posted by suereu
Red Eye Flights - love them or hate them?

I actually prefer them, because then you don't waste part of your day on a plane.


Originally Posted by catherinewalker
Hey Clay

for lack of a better word, a few years ago( not sure how many )there are a couple pictures of you "reclining" on what looks to be a bathroom floor, my goofy question is "why"? was there no other space in the house.

I was drunk and needed to stay near the toilet.

Ha ha.. No... truthfully, the shoot was for all of the top 12 Idols in my season and they were all taken at the same hotel in Hollywood. Some folks were on the roof; some were near the pool. I guess the photographer thought that's where I belonged! ;-)

A fun fact... that photographer was Eric Ogden. It was the first time I had met him, and I liked his shots so much that we used him to do the cover of the book, the Christmas album, and OMWH.


Originally Posted by luvtigr
Are you a person that really HATES to be alone ?

Or do U enjoy a day here and there all alone?

I actually love it.

Originally Posted by thankful4clayThere was a great picture of you taken recently in Atlanta with a person who appears to work for the airport. You look like you've lost some weight.

How much weight have you lost and what is your secret?

I have lost negative 5 pounds, and the secret is a Krispy Kreme diet.


Originally Posted by mitzigill
I've received an e-mail with outstanding photos of you taken at the Atlanta Airport and at The Varsity. Are you planning on keeping this hair style and color? Can you manage it by yourself?

It's already different


Originally Posted by HeyButterfly
Clay... I was wondering if you've ever actually measured the size of your head. To see how big it is.

You know... for the purpose of buying a hat or whatnot?

I did have to have it measured for the hat I wore in SPAM. I don't remember the exact measurement, but I do remember the wardrobe person saying "Damn!"
Apparently, I have a large skull. :-\

Originally Posted by mitzigill
Just received an e-mail with this headline: "AEG Live Refuses to Cancel Concert at Nokia Club by Singer Whose Lyrics Promote Murder of Gay People". Why isn't this kind of music considered a hate crime? How terribly disgusting and sad.

Actually, in most states, killing a person because they are gay isn't even considered a hate crime. So, lets start there.


Originally Posted by claybella
You sure look tan in this recent photo, how did you do it????

I had it sprayed on. :-)


Originally Posted by jesse13
Clay how are you?
What do you think of this quote from Robin Williams

Living in Hollywood is like wearing fiberglass underwear--interesting but painful.

That literally made me laugh out loud.

Originally Posted by Hope1
Hi Clay,

Which was your favorite among the decade medleys you performed during JBT? Least favorite??

Favorite single? "Unchained Melody," "Solitaire," "Mandy," "Bridge Over Troubled Water," "Sailing," or "I Can't Make You Love Me?"

I really prefer the older stuff. So, I would say UM and Solitaire.


Originally Posted by copingincalifornia
How does JukeBox Tour 2 sound to you?

I'd love it. It was always our favorite.

Originally Posted by JessMcVargas
Can you talk Decca (or whoever handles it) into selling another Calendar? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

It's not the label. And, we're working on it.

Originally Posted by claysang
Clay, besides your season, what's you favorite season of American Idol?

There were other seasons?!?!?!

Originally Posted by rxmom
Have you ever held a pet (other than a dog)? Like a kitten, ferret, hamster or rabbit?

I used to have a pygmy goat

Originally Posted by hosaa
If someone were born in Alaska or Hawaii before they became states, could that person run for President of the U.S.?

Are you trying to say that YOU were born in Alaska before it became a state? And YOU want to run for president? Don't be shy. It's ok.


Originally Posted by claylily
Hey Clay,

I know it has not been posted here (YET), but we heard a bit ago that you were writing another book. Fact or Rumor???


Twas a rumor. But a good idea.


Originally Posted by toni7babe
Is there one song that your so tired of singing??

Is there one song you will NEVER get tired of singing??

(A) Invisible and (B) This Is The Night


Originally Posted by aiken4claysc
Would you ever consider auctioning whatever hockey jerseys you have left from the Idol tour?

To my knowledge, they've all been auctioned off.


Originally Posted by LuvLifeandClay2
Ok so I'm minoring in astrophysics and this problem was on our first homework! I figured it out, let's see if you can.....

We are located about 28,000 light-years from the galactic center and we orbit the center once every 230 million years.

Using this information (the radius and period) calculate how fast are we traveling around the galaxy? Give your answer in km/hr.
Express your answer using two significant figures.

WendyHint: Conversion of light years and years is involved. The speed of light is also involved in one conversion!

WendyHint #2: Geometry is involved.

Good Luck....

Wendy... I'm not doing your homework for you! ;-)


Originally Posted by clayluver47
At the end of your runs in Spamalot, was it your idea to greet your fans from the roof?

No. Jerome really likes "splashy" endings.
The exit on the last night of the Independent Tour, the walk out of the back of the theatre on the last nights of the JN tours, the roof of the Shubert... all were Jerome's ideas.
I think if he could figure out how to have me burst into flames and disappear at the end of a tour, he would.


Originally Posted by Sunshinebear
Clay, I am trying to get rid of a terrible head cold. Do you have any special remedies that you use that I should try?

Powdered milk and root beer with three tablespoons of ketchup.
Try it and let me know how it goes.


Originally Posted by Clandy
Have you seen this? SO cute!

She says, "sweet mother of all that is good and holy, i finally met clay aiken."

Could you have been in Montreal.....................recording?

Good lord!! What is on my chin!?! It looks deformed! Bad angle!. The girl's cute though.

Love him!!!

~ ~ ~

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Ya know how when you wash your car it rains? And when you don't it doesn't? Or like when you announce you're gonna be shutting down your Clay blog till he decides to come out of the woodwork again... Yes?

Alrighty then... Well I guess you can all have me to thank for the very lovely gift we received this past Thursday...

Clay with David Novak (VP of Decca Records)

This Twitter pic is currently at 25,000+++ hits!

Thank you Decca!

So I guess things are kind of looking up...

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Cat Just Told Me It Was Time to Go...

And he should know... because he goes a lot! I swear!... I clean out that litter box at least 5 times every morning, before I even leave for work! I have no idea what's going on there.

It's almost funny though. I mean, he scratches like a maniac at the door after being out all night only to rush in to his "scratch heaven." This seems backwards and somewhat abnormal to me somehow...

So where am I going with this?

I know that Clay doesn't care for cats...

I've had such an incredible six years learning THAT and so many, many other things about him and from him. And I still love him, mucho. Can't help it. Always will.

And I'll be keeping this site, don't get me wrong, but it's sort of hard to own a "blogger" that doesn't always quite represent what it's viewers expect from it's title. And I'm not so much into trivia games and rehashing rehashes.

This is really hard.

Please feel free, my friends, to join me HERE during this wistful interlude. Which I'm hoping won't be that much more wistfully long lasting.

Love to Clay and love to you all!

Feeling just a little itsy bit schmoopy right now.


Saturday, August 08, 2009

Memories for a Rainy Saturday...

I had planned on doing major yard work today to catch up on the last 7 weeks of negligence, but it's been raining incessantly since dawn.

So instead I decided to wander around YouTube... and now it's nearly 5:00.

This is one of the best sights ever! At least for me! This is the dancing style I grew up with and the one in which I made my living all the years I made my living in dance... and watching it just gives me goosebumps. The memories are astounding. It was especially fun to see one of my "Richie's" Eugene Flemming, from my "A Chorus Line" days featured in so many of the clips.

So if you're a Fosse fan, or if you've ever even been at all curious about his iconic genius, please just take a moment to check it out. There will never again be anyone who style equates to his.

And of course I get crazy sometimes over the fact that YouTube wasn't around during my day. I check in from time to time and hoping that someday something will pop up. I wish so much that I could see something I'd done. But just today I found this vid of my "Cassie" which was probably just a private video now surfaced... so things are lookin' up. Cheryl was amazing!

It's funny though that as I'm watching this performance, as magnificent as it is, I'm somehow only able to remember the gratitude of having that 10 minute break mid-show every night. It was a killer!

I think this was probably a performance from the Curran Theatre in San Francisco, early 80's... but in my mind I really want to believe that it's taking place on that little stage on 44th Street in NYC... and at which very moment I am upstairs in that bungalow frantically trying to re-dry my hair...

Thursday, August 06, 2009

My Summer In Black and White...

I guess I'm stronger than I thought I was.

Seven weeks ago I embarked upon an accelerated class towards my Graphics major. Two-Dimensional Design. I thought it sounded like fun, an easy class, and a pretty good alternative to the fourteen week program typically offered during the school year.

Three nights a week, after work, four and a half hours. Totally do-able, right?


If this class hadn't finished up last night I don't think I'd still be around to tell about it. Anyone ever had a Professor who thought their class was God?

Anyway, during my much extended absence, my cats got really bored and decided to redecorate... the dustmites took up residency as house-parents, my yard became completely overgrown and unsightly, and anything (and I mean ANYTHING) that could have possibly expired... expired.

I know, I've lost it. But I promise to find it again soon.

To view some of my projects Click Here.

And please be kind. This is the first art class I've EVER taken. Graphics programs yes. "Art"... no. Prior to this I pretty much struggled with stick figures. It's a whole different world.

Don't get me wrong. I didn't hate it. But I'd definitely take the extended 14 week course at two nights a week if I could do it all over again. Either that or switch to Accounting...

Meanwhile... where is Clay? Has anyone heard from him lately? I'm completely out of the loop!

Any info is completely welcome.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Day Late... : (

And I made this weeks ago!

Sounds like you had a great one!

I'm Not Changing My Blog Name Just Yet but...

Seriously, my schedule is so absolutely crazy. But I took the time to watch this.

At least twice...

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

So Where In The H*ll Have I Been?...

A really good question for just about everybody these days...

But anyway... I've been taking this art class. For some reason it's required for a Graphic Design degree...

I hate art.

I mean, I don't really "hate it" hate it. I just hate going to class 3 nights a week from 5:45 until 10:00 after working all day. It pretty much computes to Tuesday morning at 7:30 a.m. until Friday evening at 5:00 without much time for even a squat.

But I'm learning alot, I guess. I'm on week four of weekend projects too (in addition to the above mess.) All sorts of weird and funky stuff too that I've never done anything like before. I promise to share it with ya'll someday. Anyway, surprisingly I finished up early tonight. Usually I'm glue gunning things on the poster board at 5:00 on Tuesday in the restroom at work...

So I did this little extra credit project. Worth 10 points. *g* I figured I might need it.

Task: Take a black and white image and scale it up by 50% using a grid...

Here's the random image I chose:

And then I drew it bigger...

And no, I didn't cheat like by tracing or anything... I just took it one little box at a time...

Have I said lately how much I love art?

Monday, June 22, 2009

So Why In The Heck Didn't WE Ever Do Something Like This?...

I mean, it really does beat all the junk that Jerome always had to haul backstage, especially in the beginning, or all the heavily weighted red and purple bags of Christmas cr*p that he'd receive year after year that he probably had to end up leaving for the stage hands hands to pick through anyway. And remember the Purple Roses project in Raleigh where they actually walked the aisles handing them out to everyone because there was such a frickin' boatload of them?

Makes me sad somehow.

But this really makes me happy... for some odd reason. Especially for Kris.

Ok... enough schmoopiness.

Thinking caps back ON peoples!

ETA: I'm kidding! Shoot, the creativity and love that's been extended to that man could have powered him to the moon and back... 10,ooo times. But STILL what a very, very cool idea this was!

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another Obligatory Father's Day Tribute?...

I mean, when you grow up without one (for all intents and purposes) that third Sunday in June always just sort of sneaks up on you somehow, sort of like a (well, like pretty much anything else in life that sneaks up on you at the most inopportune or inconvenient of times.) I could list several of them as examples but I'll just let you use your imagination.

Disclaimer: Yay, I Finally Got One! Even if I DID have to wait until years after I'd left home. So anyway, I've pretty much always since then thought of it as "Grandpa's Day" or "Son-In-Law's" Day.

But I have this very real sneaking suspicion that Parker will always welcome this day for years and years to come... with open arms.

Ok... so that's about the best I can do for now. But please feel free to check out these links below for some far more inspiring perspectives...

Carolina On My Mind
Clay The Man
Clay Aiken News Network

And a beautiful essay from Ideal Idol!

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Wasn't That Amazing... Grace?

And no, that wasn't a comment overheard out in the lobby after the show... But it probably could have been.

Me? Well, I didn't get to see it, or at least not until now. Not that I wasn't invited or anything...

A bit of history.

The Charleston Opera House... the place my kids pretty much grew up in during their summers as kids. Kind of like little tagalongs with their director dad. Mascots of sorts I guess. Though from what I know they loved every single minute of it and have wonderful memories of those times. And seriously, what a way to spend a summer right? Especially with such beautiful beaches so close by. So I never had to feel sorry for them being tucked away in some stuffy old theatre all summer long or anything. And it always gave me a really good break from the six nights a week... carpooling to and from ballet class.... after working ALL day... and then driving up hill, BOTH WAYS. Haha. So, I think it was definitely always a win-win-win.

Anyway, this was also where they met Quiana. Some of you might remember her? Well, back when she was 15 or 16 or something like that she was already 'amazing.' And I remember them coming home after summer breaks and her name already being a household word. But that was back in the "Serenade Show" days, which has long ago since been retired (and which I never saw either) and way before she went on to "other things."

But shows with other names still LIVE ON and are kept fresh and alive with each season! And there's still a TON of talent there! A ton.

But as I said before, I'm typically don't go out there during "dad's week" *mumble mumble mumble*. However, FORTUNATELY since my kids are all SO technologically savvy they always find a way to send me the videos anyway.

And dad's "week" this last time around was really ALL the time they had to put this one together. So I'm really sort of glad I "decided" not to go anyway.

But what a thrill though to finally see her perform on that stage after all these years! And I know it was a MAJOR thrill for her. It must have been like homecoming! And for me to be able to see her on stage with her dad. Well *schmoopies!*

My kiddo!.. and then an incredible piano solo by Tommy Gill!

I never did get any actual permission to post these but I'm hoping it'll still be ok. Because shameless Mom-Ho's with good intentions can pretty much always whine their way out of anything. And isn't it always just SO much easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission... anyway?

And there's something to be said for Positive.FREE.advertising. I mean really. Seems like another win-win-win to me.

Thanks SO MUCH for the video Aaron!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Technology Baffles My Mind Usually...

I can't even tell you how many weekends I've spent in an attempt to get a relatively simple thing to play in a format I want it to. Somehow it always works out! But last weekend was way easy!

Because I found this cool tool Fair Use Wizard that allows me to take all those wonderfully special DVD's that my daughter always sends me of her dance performances and convert them into a format that I can actually play with. I know... some of you probably have no need or interest in "playing" with DVD's, but if you do, then that ^^ up there is your tool. Totally free with no gimmicks!

And now, I can fiddle to my hearts content... and then sit back and enjoy.

Here's Whit in a 2004 performance with her Contemporary Dance Team at BYU Idaho. YOU may not be able to pick her out, but me, I have no problem. Not even when I shut my eyes... And besides, I'd be pretty proud to call any one of them mine.

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

So Who's Idea Was It To Call Me J'nut?

So here's the thing... I'm in the grocery store checkout line when I suddenly realize that my money is in the glove compartment of my car. So I ask the pretty little checkout girl if she can hold my order while I run out and get it. She smiles and says "sure."

When I come back with the money I completely apologize and tell her how I'm just getting use to all this... being on the Dave Mattthews plan and all... using cash in envelopes instead of just "ching chinging" my debit card.

She stares at me blankly...

The Total Money Makeover?... I SO swear it works! ... pause... You've heard of Dave Matthews right?

*Lights on* Oh no, of course I've heard of him!... and I just LOVE him!

We nod and agree. *bonding moment*

I leave the store feeling extremely happy that there are youngin's out there who actually get it...

This seriously happened. And just today!

I have no idea where that came from. But even so... my budget is working great! And so I guess a rose by any other name can still smell as sweet.

I cannot believe I'm actually admitting this...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Props To Clay...

“What are your thoughts on the Prop 8 ruling today?”

Loaded question. Hope I don’t get myself in trouble here again…

I will say that I am QUITE disappointed that Prop 8 passed in the first place. I could argue all day the myriad of reasons that I believe the US Constitution provides for equal rights for all people. And, as much as it is their right to have a differing opinion, I think that some of the arguments coming from the anti-gay side are stupid, hypocritical, and even contradict themselves.

That said, I can’t say that I am too upset by the CA Supreme Court’s ruling. While it is disappointing that same sex couples in CA will have to wait longer to have equal rights, at the same time I worry that a different ruling from the court would have caused far more trouble than good.

The bottom line is… no matter how much I hate it…. Prop 8 passed with the majority of the public vote. I don’t agree with them. I don’t think it is right, but it happened. I don’t think I would be comfortable allowing the courts the power to override the will of the people. Yes, I know the argument can be made that had the courts not struck down segregation in the south we may still have Jim Crow laws in place. However, (A) segregation was instituted by the states based on public opinion and not necessarily by an official vote and (B) the US Supreme Court struck down the practice of segregation. It didn’t overturn a specific vote.

I strongly believe that the next time that Californians go to the ballot box to vote on legalizing same sex marriage, the tides will turn. I truly believe that the majority of CA voters will support the equal rights of all people next time they are given the chance. While the CA Supreme Court may now be composed of justices who believe that same-sex marriage should be legal (remember they are the ones who made it legal in the first place), what happens when the public votes for same-sex marriage to be legalized, yet the CA Supreme Court is made up of justices who feel it should be illegal? Will they then have the power to overturn the vote? Its not a precedent I want set.

As much as I disagree with Prop 8, I don’t want to give the courts the power to ignore the will of the people. Because I expect that one day, even in North Carolina, the majority of voters will allow me the right to get married, and when that happens, I don’t want nine justices being able to change the outcome.

We can’t only agree with the system when it agrees with us.

That said…. Way to go Ohio, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, and (fingers crossed) New Hampshire… and, bring on the next ballot California!

I love that answer... and I love Clay Aiken.

*Unscrupulously Posted* But hopefully, for Good.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Composing My Thoughts...

This is how I wanted Season 2 to end!.. *huge snip*

Clay... Ya know I really love ya to death man!.. don't you? But I seriously think you probably could have just left it at that...

Congratulations Kris!

Congrats Adam!

I think we've seen these pictures before...


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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Clay's Parts...

So even though we had over six months to anticipate his appearance on the "30 Rock" finale I still don't think any of us could have been completely prepared.

Because just Check THIS out.

But still. I mean, really. For him to have appeared so indiginously alongside the likes of Elvis Costello, Mary J. Blidge, Norah Jones, Cyndi Lauper, Sheryl Crow, Steve Earle, Wyclif Jean, Moby, Ad-Rock, etc, etc. (of whose names I mostly recognize...) But anyway... and seriously... that must have been quite an honor for him.

In a recent MTV Interview he says that it was.

He also goes on to share his always enlightening and prolific opinion.

'30 Rock' is not only the funniest show on TV now; it's also the smartest," Aiken told MTV news in a statement. "Things that you see or hear on that show start popping up in everyday life all of the time. I don't think any show since 'Seinfeld' has been able to do that."

Like "Seinfeld," these days Liz Lemon and her motley crew leave the "American Idol" alum in stitches every week. " 'Seinfeld' had 'yada, yada, yada' and 'master of your domain.' '30 Rock' has "That's a deal-breaker, ladies' and many more. I find myself saying 'What the what?' all of the time. They've really broken into the zeitgeist like no other show has."

And in case you failed Vocabulary 1001 right along with me... or failed to realize that it was even required...

Zeitgeist is (pronounced ˈtsartɡarst is a German language expression literally translated: Zeit, time; Geist, spirit, meaning "the spirit of the age and its society". The word zeitgeist describes the intellectual, cultural, ethical and political climate, ambience and morals of an era (similar to the English word "mainstream") or also a trend.

So yay, another new scrabble word!

Just Give A Kidney can be downloaded on iTunes... with your 99 cents proceeds going to the National Kidney Foundation.

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And just recently discovered (6 years later!) and audio.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

David Foster and Friends...

And Family!

Last evenings performance at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas did not disappoint! The Peter Cetera medley was incredible!

And you can listen to the audio of his performance here! While looking at all the pretty pictures!!! Ok, nevermind... iMeem decided it wasn't that important...

v v v v v



As another fandom collides...

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So... Who's Cuter?

And trust me, this will be tough!


Or Him?...

Ok, let me make it a bit easier...

So Who's Cuter?


Or Him?...

Ok, well then... nevermind.


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Sunday, April 26, 2009


And I mean totally!

I just can't seem to make up my mind!!!

Ok... so that was a little bit easier than I thought it would be...

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Boyfriend's BAACK!

And is he ever!!!

Clay Aiken presents the Excellence in Media Award to Tyra Banks at the 20th Annual GLAAD Media Awards on March 28, 2009 at the Marriott Marquis. The GLAAD Media Awards recognize and honor media for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community and the issues that affect their lives.

I am so proud of him!


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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Idle Idol?...

Ok, so I'll admit it. The fishing hasn't been that much fun. (see previous post)

And if truth be told, I was really just trying to call his bluff. Like maybe if I said I was going fishing he'd like do some big kamakazee plunge off the bluff, like directly into my fishing hole, and like scare all those fishies away. Like, right...

But I guess we still have a couple of things to look forward to. Like that Top Model stint, and the Tyra award, and that 30 Rock thing... (So thank goodness for the thems. I guess. : )

But really... I just want him to sing. And tour. Again.

So today I tossed my fishing pole and donned my scuba gear and went diving into the depths of the past. And what I came up with was this...

That I really need to cop him a little bit of a break... or two. Cause in truth, he seriously DOES deserve this little time off.

Anyway...This is not so very original, nor is it so very well done IMHO... But it WAS heartfelt. And somewhat a necessity...

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Friday, February 27, 2009

No, Seriously... And This Time I Really, Really Mean It...


Because I've just got just a few more classes (ok a few more than a few) left before I'll FINALLY have my degree and I just hafta do everything I possibly can right now to totally focus.

And besides, it just feels like a rather opportune time to do that, ya know?

So please don't give up on me, ok? I'll be back. Just followin' his lead...

In the meantime, please don't hesitate to leave a "Hey" every once in a while... if you want to. I LOVE hearing from you guys!

*glub glub*

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not Just Us...

This was just brought to my attention by a good friend who frequently surfs the web. *Not that I don't... but probably just not as frequently as she does.*

And it made me sit up in my seat a bit... and maybe even pout a little. But either way, it for sure took me back to 2003. Big time!

And what a grand time that was!

Anyway, here goes: Courtesy of Bitten By A Cougar...

Arm Porn: - David Cook's arms shown off in a short-sleeved shirt, especially a t-shirt. Can cause 'plosions.
Audition Fauxhawk: - the red-streaked quasi-mohawk David wore at his first audition with the judges.
BAD: - Beleaguered Advocates of Debedazzlement. DC fans who prefer DC wearing less bling.
Bling: - necklaces, crystalline belt buckles and other shiny accessories worn by OABO.
Blingtrance: - Inability to look directly at or speak to David Cook because you are blinded by the shiiininess of his bling.
Bouffantom of the Opera: - Somewhat bouffant hairstyle David wore when he sang Music of the Night on Top 6 (Andrew Lloyd Weber) week.
Bromance: - describing the relationship between David Cook and Michael Johns.
Bus-stalking: – When an Idol fan waits patiently, often for hours, hoping to see and meet their favorite Idol.
Bus-throwing: – Simon Cowell’s gratuitously cruel criticism of David Cook’s performances (especially The World I Know) on Top 2 Night.
Cookified: - (a) What happens when David rearranges a song. (b) David's skills as a hairdresser in the Best Week Ever skit. (c) The assimilation of countless relatives, friends, strangers, nonfans, cats and budgies into being willing adoring slaves of David Cook after having heard/seen him perform.
Cookie Neutron: - David's hairstyle on Top 2 Night and during some concerts on the Gratitewer. So named because it resembles the fabled 'do of cartoon character Jimmy Neutron.
Cooklective: - the collective fandom; those who have been assimilated by David Cook's talent and persona. Resistance is futile.
DC=42: - (Inspired by The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams) At the end of the day, everything starts, runs and ends with David Cook. Used when a fan sees direct or oblique evidence of David Cook in everyday life.
DC Drinking Game: - A game in which a David Cook fan must take a drink of an alcoholic beverage any time David says any of the words listed at the end of the glossary.++
Double Boiler: - the Mavid dances or anything involving gawking/ogling David Cook and Michael Johns at the same time.
Elf Boots: - Type of long, pointy-toed, often ornately decorated cowboy boots that have 'uplift' on the toe end. David Cook favors and often wears elf boots.
FlashDance Dave: - a reference to the performance at which David poured a bottle of water on his head and then shook it out of his hair, causing his ear monitors to short out and inducing spontaneous ovulation amongst his female fans. Caused consternation amongst TPTB.
FlexiDave: - David performing a deep bend backwards similar to a yoga move known as "The Fish" while playing his guitar. Responsible for sprained MCL ligament, not to be seen again on the tewer until Grand Rapids, probably due to euphoria from having been on Oprah.
Gratitewer: - gratitude tour; the 2008 American Idols tour, during which David Cook is expressing his gratitude to his fans 165 times (53 tour stops x 5 songs).
Hair Cut Heard Round The World: - the new hairstyle David had for his performance of Little Sparrow during Top 9 (Dolly Parton) Week. Acronym: HCHRTW.
Hairvolution: - The evolution of David's hairstyle(s) through the course of the season 7 Idol competition.
Hollywood Curl: - David's hairstyle during "Hollywood Week" auditions.
HT Flatiron: - The flat-ironed hairstyle David had when he sang Happy Together
Locktopus: - David's hairstyle for several of the earlier finalist rounds, when he sang ARN, Hello, Day Tripper, Eleanor Rigby and Billie Jean.
Magic Rainbow: - Cringe-inducing lyric from David's first single, Time of My Life; now a nickname for that song.
Mavid: - nickname for the duo of David Cook and Michael Johns. Also for The Dance that takes place during Please Don't Stop the Music.
MOABO: - (pronounced moh-AH-boh). M is for Minions. DC fans who prefer him with bling. See: OABO.
Milk 'n' Cookies: - David Archuleta and David Cook.
Our Accessory Bedazzled Overlord: - (a) Nickname for David Cook when he is fully regaled in an array of necklaces, belt-buckles, scarves, sunglasses, etc, especially on the Gratitewer. Acronym: OABO. Original phrase: "I, for one, welcome our accessory bedazzled overlord."
'Plode: - (a) A word David coined when talking about Eta Carinae, a bright star in the galaxy. He wasn't sure if it would implode or explode so decided on 'plode. (b) The effect that David Cook has on women who are charmed by his voice, his looks, and his size 13s.
Size 13s: - (a) the size of David Cook's feet. (b) Innuendo for DC's manly bits.
Snickerdoodle: - A more subtle (heh) reference for DC's manly bits.
Soggy Cookie: - refers to David's tendency to tear up/get emotional onstage or off.
Skittles: - a nickname for David Cook. See Magic Rainbow.
Tewer: - how David pronounces "tour"; rhymes with sewer.
Transporter Accident: - David's hairstyle for Top 5 (Neil Diamond) week (and possibly for HLTW and Baba O'Riley?)
TWIK'd: - Becoming very emotional or soggy in response to David becoming very emotional or soggy.
Wardrobe malfunction: - David losing his belt in Grand Rapids,flashing his belly in KC, and otherwise sending females into various stages of 'plosion.
What Happens in Vegas: - David's hairstyle the weekend the Top 4 visited Las Vegas. Possibly the father of Cookie Neutron.
Word Nerd: - (a) David's own description of himself, as a lover of word puzzles and games. (b) Generically, a David Cook fan. (c) A DC fan who has obtained an "official Word Nerd number" from the Cook forums at

Anyway, I just don't know quite what to think about all this.

Except that think I like mine better...
Omg! So just how embarrassing is THAT??? hahaha

By the way... I actually saw him in Grand Rapids and really, really liked him! But not nearly enough to try and learn a whole new language...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Preparedness... It's Important!

Ok, well first of all. I really have no idea what this blog below has to do with Clay Aiken. Absolutely nothing at all really. So I feel kind of bad, in a way, using a blog with a name like "Clayigraphy" to sort of pimp my off topic and utterly random thoughts.

Oh well.

I guess he can't really expect for me to go out of my way and create a whole new blog for that purpose.. just because he decides to take a little time off. Can he?

Alrighty then.

So anyway.

I have this little assignment for my Telecommunications class that I have to do. As if the class itself isn't difficult enough. Trust me! It covers all of the super important techno-savvy things that you will never, EVER need to know to be able to get by in life.

Still, the assignment is, to research what life was like in the 50's and compare it to life in the new millennium, technology-wise, with the suggestion that we interview someone who lived "back then" to get their point of view. Bwah. So luckily I won't even have to leave my house for this one... or even pick up an antiquated phone. But I did browse the internet for a few secs just for schnicks...

And well, I found out a bunch of stuff that I never knew or realized... or more likely just simply didn't remember. The progression of it all came at such a snails pace back then that we could hardly sense it happening. But so much, SO MUCH has occurred in even the past few years in this realm that even reading it made my head spin.

So after hyper-speeding my way through the past 50 years in this one afternoon I'm actually very excited about this project. In fact, it's pretty much already written itself. And maybe I'll even share it with you when it's finished.

But haha... my sharing that with you wasn't really the main purpose of this blog!

What the main reason was to ask... OMG!.. "How did the baby boomers even survive their formative years without just completely committing mass suicide?"

What follows is an actual educationally approved filmstrip which was being shown in schools country-wide right around the time that I was still feeling fairly safe and secure in my snuggly little blankie.

Watch this! You won't believe it!

And now, we're advised to moniter our children's television exposure?

Moral (I guess?..) Advancement is good!

And ALWAYS be prepared and completely ready for anything! As in saving up that little extra stash of cash in that safeguarded cookie jar just "in case" the word "TOUR" should ever flash blindingly across your screen totally unexpectedly one of these days! And also... the fingers should be excercised and limbered to the max at all times, for whatever actions they may ever be asked to perform at any given moment...

Whew...Thank goodness I was somehow able to bring this one back around...

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love Means...

Never having to say you're sorry... (or at least I heard that once...)

So why do I feel such a need to say it?

Because there has never been, nor will there ever be again such a bright spark of love in my heart for someone who I have never or will ever know. And I don't really see the spark burning out any time soon... or probably ever.

But having said that... I still have a degree to pursue, a job to uphold, a family to re-acqaint with and SO much else that I've let completely slip under the rug these past few years. And trust me, there's a lot of junk under that rug...

(And also... i really can't stand ANTM!!!... I think it's absolutely the most cheeziest show ever!!! ugh! ack! and ok *breaths*)

I am just hoping, in my heart of hearts that, in the meantime, he's having a the most blissfully wonderful and well deserved time off! And though I don't really have much of a knack for fishing... perhaps it's yet another skill I could learn during this yet another down time... or as soon as this dang ice melts.

Or perhaps ice fishing could be a new and interesting challenge as well!

But anyway... *grimaces*

Please trust however that I WILL definitely be back... The very "next" second that he is...

And... look to your left for some wonderful blogs from peoples who are obviously WAY better fans and probably much less fisherman wannabees than I am... and {{{hugs}}} to all of them for taking up the slack...

Anyway... just please don't anyone trout me.

Oh wait! This is MY blog...

*No tags*

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In Honor of the Sixth Anniversary of "Take"...

It's funny, because FOR YEARS I was really confused.

The broadcast and re-broadcasts and montages and videos of the first time he opened his mouth in Atlanta always began like this:

Simon: So what are you going to sing?

Clay: Singin' "Always and Forever"

Simon: Ok..

And THEN when he opened his mouth to sing... out came "TAKE time to show me, Yoooou really care...yada yada"

So yeah... I never really GOT that.

It's all in the editing folks! And what I'd call a major "glitch" in some very important lines of communication...

But Hosaa's Reconstruction of it finally set the record straight.

When I first began making montages, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. So when I go back and watch this second effort of mine I am always pretty much shocked and surprised. Because I think it has to be (hands down) the favorite one I've ever made... or at least my second favorite. I think I was just so completely and hopelessly IN LOVE, yet at the same time realizing the complete futility of those feelings. Remember those days? Crazy.

And even though those feelings have splintered off in many different directions over the past few years they have always circled back (and thankfully on a much more realistic level.) But This One...for me... well, it just keeps continuing to remind of why I came in the first place... why I keep coming back... and why I'm still here.

SO, in honor of this sixth anniversary of "Always"... heh

I just love him, that is all. And will probably continue to do so, well, for a good, long time. Or as long as he'll have me. *g*

**Note: Though posted on the 27th, the actual anniversary date is the 28th.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Enough Water for Children...and well, for everyone.

This is something I admittedly have rarely had cause to think about.

That there could be people in this world who seriously lack for the most essential and fundamental of needs. Like water.

And I was so touched by this blog from The Clays News Network that I'm gonna try to do something about it too! Please go back and click on that link! I don't want to reinvent the wheel here and there is SO much good information there. So much thirst. Yet so much we can do.

So what can I do?

For starts... I can ask my local restaraunt to participate in the cause. Would you donate $1 for that "freebie" glass of tap water so casually placed at your table if you thought you could save a life? I probably would.

But here's my biggest beef...

I pay something like $20 a month for the mere privledge of just having the service. Versus the $2 a month that I actually consume. So I wonder if they would consider taking $1 of my service charge and contributing it to a very worthy cause which could help attack a serious definciency which exists in so many countries on our planet. I guess ya never know until you ask. Hmmm. I feel a correspondence coming on...

And if you missed the first link, here's yet another one. The TAP Project.

I would never have even known about this effort if it hadn't been for this guy.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thoughts... Outside the Box.

So yes... I realize this may be controversial.

The pictures themselves?.. No. Hopefully the fans, my co-workers, my neighbors, my 12th grade anatomy teacher, my mail carrier, the world and my grandmother have all managed to move way beyond that by now. But just in the fact that they're being posted pretty much ALL over the Internet...

So didn't want to seem behind the times... ya know?

And besides they make me really happy... and make me want to SING!.. and also grin like an idiot.

Especially this one...

And you KNOW they must have both fully realized what the outcome of all this would be going in.

To the box I mean...

So, though perhaps, shame on us for peeking... I'm still just so very happy for them!

No tags for now.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's Montage Time!... 2008

Ok.. well, so that didn't rhyme. But it will next year!

I have to admit that I've stopped collecting them obsessively. Life just get's so busy. But here are a couple of last year's offerings that I simply don't want to forget... though I still have a lot more of them on my hard drive!

August Rhapsody ... by Aspiegirl

On My Way Here ... by dreamlarge

There You Are ... by LovesClaysVoice

A 2008 Year In Review ... by dreamlarge

Something About Us - An Obama Love Story ... by Maplestik

Scheduled to be presented at one of the upcoming Inaugural Balls!

Need more? 2006 and 2007

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Whitney's MS Walk... 2009

I am really looking forward, once again, to participating in the annual walk for MS. This will be my daughter's 4th year walking and her 3rd year as a Team Captain for this great cause. She is so amazing! And what's funny is... I am quite certain that even if she didn't have to deal with the disease herself... she'd be right out there in front leading a team for somebody she knew who DID. Because well, that's just her.

Last year, Whitney's team received recognition at the Idaho Falls, Idaho Chapter event for not only exceeding their goal but for having the hightest total contributions. This year, we hope to do the same OR MORE in Boise! Especially since this year it falls on her birthday!

But unfortunately "the walk" isn't just an afternoon event...

Here are a couple of pictures of Whit just a couple of months before she was diagnosed. (She's the one with the joyful appendages.. *g*)

I'm sure that anyone who's ever received news that either they or their child has a debilitating disease will completely understand. It's a difficult bit of news to take in..

But really, she is doing great! And sometimes I even forget that she has it. I mean, she's got the most perfect little family and pretty much a perfect life. And she's still dancing! So everythings good! And normal!

Then, every so often... I remember the REASON that everything is so perfect and normal... and what it is she has to go through in order to keep it that way. But I'm sure she thinks about it all the time.

So anyway... I pray for the day when she, along with countless others, will finally be able to be free from their "normal" routine. The National MS Society is working really, really hard to do... just that.

Thank you so much to family and friends who have already donated to this year's Walk. Your love and support is MOST appreciated!

MS stops people from moving. The National MS Society exists to make sure it doesn't.

And please... Even if not for this... just walk for something. Because well, walking is just really, really good for you!

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Enjoy Your Time Away! Clay.

We'll be right here.


..with open arms.

And lest we ever forget what we're waiting FOR... Here will always be a little reminder (or at least until YouTube takes it down...)

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Break Time...

If Clay Aiken can take one then so can I.

Except not.

There's still a house to clean, studies to attend to, a job to keep, socks to darn... and miles to mow before I sleep.

But I found a little something to help make the chores a little lighter.

I think it's mindblowing that someone(s)was able to take these random (yet remarkable) songs and string them together in a way to create such a fairly seamless plotline. I applaud the collaboration!

Anyway, one thing I know for sure is... I wanna be Meryl Streep when I grow up... or at least in my next lifetime.

Whichever comes first...

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Monday, January 05, 2009

A 2009 Prediction...

On May 4th 2008 Clay brought down the roof on Part 1 of his Spamalot journey.

Here's a picture of him on the roof...


And on January 4th 2009 he bid us farewell from Part 2 like this.


So what do these dates and numbers signify? Apparently they mean something to him!

Parker Foster Aiken was born at 8:08 a.m. on August 8th 2008.

So I guess the question here is... do I need to have these baby booties finished by September 9th 2009 by 9:09... or what?

Just kidding! Sort of...

We'll miss you Clay and hope to see you again soon! But please do whatever it is that makes you the happiest in the meanwhile. You so totally deserve this alone time!...

I just love this interview given by Clay about his Spamalot experience.

Once again... not tagging. Even though the above was, of course, meant for entertainment purposes only...

Thursday, January 01, 2009

A New Year's Wish...


Here are my very meaningful and heartfelt hopes for Clay in the coming year...

May you immensly enjoy this sweet and precious time of diapers and bottles and wonderous firsts... These moments last for such a very short while.

But THEN... as "soon" as you can... couldja maybe just lose the diapers and join us on the road again? *g*


Ok, so that was teetering on the edge of classlessness, I know. But nonetheless, it just seemed apropos somehow... and was merely a labor of love.

And besides, it made me smile a bit...

Hope it made you smile a bit too.

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