Thursday, August 06, 2009

My Summer In Black and White...

I guess I'm stronger than I thought I was.

Seven weeks ago I embarked upon an accelerated class towards my Graphics major. Two-Dimensional Design. I thought it sounded like fun, an easy class, and a pretty good alternative to the fourteen week program typically offered during the school year.

Three nights a week, after work, four and a half hours. Totally do-able, right?


If this class hadn't finished up last night I don't think I'd still be around to tell about it. Anyone ever had a Professor who thought their class was God?

Anyway, during my much extended absence, my cats got really bored and decided to redecorate... the dustmites took up residency as house-parents, my yard became completely overgrown and unsightly, and anything (and I mean ANYTHING) that could have possibly expired... expired.

I know, I've lost it. But I promise to find it again soon.

To view some of my projects Click Here.

And please be kind. This is the first art class I've EVER taken. Graphics programs yes. "Art"... no. Prior to this I pretty much struggled with stick figures. It's a whole different world.

Don't get me wrong. I didn't hate it. But I'd definitely take the extended 14 week course at two nights a week if I could do it all over again. Either that or switch to Accounting...

Meanwhile... where is Clay? Has anyone heard from him lately? I'm completely out of the loop!

Any info is completely welcome.


Ashes said...

Congratulation! Your work is terrific. I especially love the ballerinas with the curvey music bar :)

I'd sure never have the patience to take on a course like that, my graphics training has been all trial and error, LOL.

It's been an exciting week for Clay. Read all about it at my blog :)

Aaron, Whitney, and Jade said...

Did anything in the yard "overgrow" into a weeping willow tree by chance?? Now that would have made you glad to have taken the 7 week course huh?

So glad you made it out alive :) Love you.