Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Cat Just Told Me It Was Time to Go...

And he should know... because he goes a lot! I swear!... I clean out that litter box at least 5 times every morning, before I even leave for work! I have no idea what's going on there.

It's almost funny though. I mean, he scratches like a maniac at the door after being out all night only to rush in to his "scratch heaven." This seems backwards and somewhat abnormal to me somehow...

So where am I going with this?

I know that Clay doesn't care for cats...

I've had such an incredible six years learning THAT and so many, many other things about him and from him. And I still love him, mucho. Can't help it. Always will.

And I'll be keeping this site, don't get me wrong, but it's sort of hard to own a "blogger" that doesn't always quite represent what it's viewers expect from it's title. And I'm not so much into trivia games and rehashing rehashes.

This is really hard.

Please feel free, my friends, to join me HERE during this wistful interlude. Which I'm hoping won't be that much more wistfully long lasting.

Love to Clay and love to you all!

Feeling just a little itsy bit schmoopy right now.



Carolina Clay said...


It's been great exchanging comments about Clay Aiken. I sincerely hope there's a reason for you to reinstate Clayigraphy ... SOON!

Meanwhile, I have bookmarked your journal and will see you over there!

All the best,

Ashes said...


The best thing I read in this Clayigraphy entry is that you still love Clay Aiken & always will.
Keep your ear pointed in his direction, cuz I just know there will be a lot of excitement in the new year!

BTW, your cat is rather unique in his bathroom habits--that's a new one for me, LOL.

I'm off to see jnuts journal :)

See you here again--soon!!

Anonymous said...

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