Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Retro *sigh* From a Long Time Ago...

In August of 2003 I flew from Grand Rapids to St. Louis ALL ALONE just to see some wanna-be "Pop Star." At the time I pretty much thought I was crazy for doing it. Little did I know I was definitely not all alone...

And in retrospect... it was probably one of the best frivolously used vacation days I've ever spent in my life!

It was hot though!... really, really hot! Warning: Don't ever visit St. Louis in the middle of August! Unless of course you have a really good reason to! Funny now when I think back on it, I barely remember the heat. Until he rose out of that stage that is...

He was real!!!

It was just so much fun to have found this video once again and be able to revisit it. I was sitting directly behind all those ladies on the front row waiving their signs! And yet I was totally oblivious to them... if you can imagine.

An out of body experience for sure!

Ah, and I just found this too! My little snippet of a review. *g*

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Absolutely Love This Video!...

... Only because it helps to remind me just how much we don't really know him!

And it also prompted me to call the wedding off... hahahaha

But no, seriously! I truly, truly LOVE that video! I do!!! Each and every single 360 degrees of it!!!

Thanks again jojoct!..

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nobody ever reads my blog so I think I'm good...

A "Super Secret" Q&A Compilation from the OFC...

Originally Posted by ClaymateRn
Clay, I was wondering if the swelling after your surgery effected your vocal cords or your ability to sing for awhile. Do you still have swelling at times, especially when you eat a large meal or chew gum?

Yeah. I think the swelling probably hurt my ability to hit some higher notes at the time. But, I think the real issue now is that I haven't sung in a while. I went to karaoke the other night, just for fun, and I sounded like a dying mule

Originally Posted by Arielone
Hi Clay,
Is there a place or country that you have not yet visited that you would like to travel to?

I would really like to go to Zimbabwe. I also want to visit all of the "stans".


Originally Posted by septskyblueeyes
Your biggest pet peeve is?

You know how, on late model cars, the keyhole for the trunk is covered with some sort of emblem that flips up. I HATE HATE HATE it when someone's keyhole cover is flipped up while they are driving. I have been known to get out of my car at a stoplight and fix that.

Originally Posted by jesse13

Do you vote for the political party, the candidate or based on issue(s) that you agree with?

I usually just make a pretty pattern with the dots. ;-)


Originally Posted by RoRizzo
You wanted Ruben to sing at your funeral. Do you want him to sing at your wedding?

Am I getting married?

Originally Posted by jesse13
What is your favorite "big" word to pull out of your vocabulary when trying to impress people in conversations?


Originally Posted by suereu
Red Eye Flights - love them or hate them?

I actually prefer them, because then you don't waste part of your day on a plane.


Originally Posted by catherinewalker
Hey Clay

for lack of a better word, a few years ago( not sure how many )there are a couple pictures of you "reclining" on what looks to be a bathroom floor, my goofy question is "why"? was there no other space in the house.

I was drunk and needed to stay near the toilet.

Ha ha.. No... truthfully, the shoot was for all of the top 12 Idols in my season and they were all taken at the same hotel in Hollywood. Some folks were on the roof; some were near the pool. I guess the photographer thought that's where I belonged! ;-)

A fun fact... that photographer was Eric Ogden. It was the first time I had met him, and I liked his shots so much that we used him to do the cover of the book, the Christmas album, and OMWH.


Originally Posted by luvtigr
Are you a person that really HATES to be alone ?

Or do U enjoy a day here and there all alone?

I actually love it.

Originally Posted by thankful4clayThere was a great picture of you taken recently in Atlanta with a person who appears to work for the airport. You look like you've lost some weight.

How much weight have you lost and what is your secret?

I have lost negative 5 pounds, and the secret is a Krispy Kreme diet.


Originally Posted by mitzigill
I've received an e-mail with outstanding photos of you taken at the Atlanta Airport and at The Varsity. Are you planning on keeping this hair style and color? Can you manage it by yourself?

It's already different


Originally Posted by HeyButterfly
Clay... I was wondering if you've ever actually measured the size of your head. To see how big it is.

You know... for the purpose of buying a hat or whatnot?

I did have to have it measured for the hat I wore in SPAM. I don't remember the exact measurement, but I do remember the wardrobe person saying "Damn!"
Apparently, I have a large skull. :-\

Originally Posted by mitzigill
Just received an e-mail with this headline: "AEG Live Refuses to Cancel Concert at Nokia Club by Singer Whose Lyrics Promote Murder of Gay People". Why isn't this kind of music considered a hate crime? How terribly disgusting and sad.

Actually, in most states, killing a person because they are gay isn't even considered a hate crime. So, lets start there.


Originally Posted by claybella
You sure look tan in this recent photo, how did you do it????

I had it sprayed on. :-)


Originally Posted by jesse13
Clay how are you?
What do you think of this quote from Robin Williams

Living in Hollywood is like wearing fiberglass underwear--interesting but painful.

That literally made me laugh out loud.

Originally Posted by Hope1
Hi Clay,

Which was your favorite among the decade medleys you performed during JBT? Least favorite??

Favorite single? "Unchained Melody," "Solitaire," "Mandy," "Bridge Over Troubled Water," "Sailing," or "I Can't Make You Love Me?"

I really prefer the older stuff. So, I would say UM and Solitaire.


Originally Posted by copingincalifornia
How does JukeBox Tour 2 sound to you?

I'd love it. It was always our favorite.

Originally Posted by JessMcVargas
Can you talk Decca (or whoever handles it) into selling another Calendar? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

It's not the label. And, we're working on it.

Originally Posted by claysang
Clay, besides your season, what's you favorite season of American Idol?

There were other seasons?!?!?!

Originally Posted by rxmom
Have you ever held a pet (other than a dog)? Like a kitten, ferret, hamster or rabbit?

I used to have a pygmy goat

Originally Posted by hosaa
If someone were born in Alaska or Hawaii before they became states, could that person run for President of the U.S.?

Are you trying to say that YOU were born in Alaska before it became a state? And YOU want to run for president? Don't be shy. It's ok.


Originally Posted by claylily
Hey Clay,

I know it has not been posted here (YET), but we heard a bit ago that you were writing another book. Fact or Rumor???


Twas a rumor. But a good idea.


Originally Posted by toni7babe
Is there one song that your so tired of singing??

Is there one song you will NEVER get tired of singing??

(A) Invisible and (B) This Is The Night


Originally Posted by aiken4claysc
Would you ever consider auctioning whatever hockey jerseys you have left from the Idol tour?

To my knowledge, they've all been auctioned off.


Originally Posted by LuvLifeandClay2
Ok so I'm minoring in astrophysics and this problem was on our first homework! I figured it out, let's see if you can.....

We are located about 28,000 light-years from the galactic center and we orbit the center once every 230 million years.

Using this information (the radius and period) calculate how fast are we traveling around the galaxy? Give your answer in km/hr.
Express your answer using two significant figures.

WendyHint: Conversion of light years and years is involved. The speed of light is also involved in one conversion!

WendyHint #2: Geometry is involved.

Good Luck....

Wendy... I'm not doing your homework for you! ;-)


Originally Posted by clayluver47
At the end of your runs in Spamalot, was it your idea to greet your fans from the roof?

No. Jerome really likes "splashy" endings.
The exit on the last night of the Independent Tour, the walk out of the back of the theatre on the last nights of the JN tours, the roof of the Shubert... all were Jerome's ideas.
I think if he could figure out how to have me burst into flames and disappear at the end of a tour, he would.


Originally Posted by Sunshinebear
Clay, I am trying to get rid of a terrible head cold. Do you have any special remedies that you use that I should try?

Powdered milk and root beer with three tablespoons of ketchup.
Try it and let me know how it goes.


Originally Posted by Clandy
Have you seen this? SO cute!


She says, "sweet mother of all that is good and holy, i finally met clay aiken."

Could you have been in Montreal.....................recording?

Good lord!! What is on my chin!?! It looks deformed! Bad angle!. The girl's cute though.

Love him!!!

~ ~ ~