Tuesday, December 26, 2006

SO Much Goodness!... SO Little Bandwidth...

The Not a Christmas Tour was just amazing!

Now, please understand... I am not a huge fan of Christmas music OR Lenny Bruce... but THIS one 'bout turned my head and heart around completely!..

I am just so amazed by the abundance of talent and the amount of sacrifice that the Clackgatherer's offer us each and every tour. And if I could just hug them all right now, I SO would.

Seriously, this all really started out to be just a wee little selfish collection for myself of all my favorite banter (that everyone else had gathered) from this tour and then... all of a sudden I felt SO compelled to share it!!! heh

In fact, I felt the compelling so strongly that I just couldn't even help mahself!

So you are very, very welcome!

And thank you!

And COMPLETELY vice-versa...

Part 1 - Waukegan & Merrilville:

Part 2 - Verona & Englewood:

Part 3 - Baltimore:

Part 4 - Norfolk:

Part 5 - Williamsport & Wilkes Barre:

Part 6 - Easton & Hartford:

Part 7 - Long Island:

Part 8 - West Point:

Part 9 - Red Bank:

Part 10 - Detroit & Grand Rapids:

Part 11 - Jacksonville & Charlotte:

Part 12 - Greensboro:

...The End...

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I Never Would Have Believed It.

For years I've felt like a stranger in a strange land... an island unto myself. My marketing strategies have been completely ineffective. But last night, I turned around and look up to the balcony and finally realized that I wasn't alone in this town afterall. And it was an amazing and goosefleshing moment.

Because Clay Aiken sang to my town last night... and IT loved him! And the only thing he had to do was DO what he does.

And since then?...

I have been home...

And it feels really, really good...

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Nucular Fallout and Clay Aiken... (???)

And so what in the heck do these two things have in common?...

Just hear me out, ok?

I attended elementary school in the 60's. Yes, I am THAT old. And I remember one day while sitting on the jungle gym when somebody said that we were suppose to be having a nucular war attack that day. Now... being in elementary school I seriously believed her, even though I had no idea what nucular meant... or even how to spell it.

Then the same obviously more educated person than myself said that the actual ATTACK was not something to be feared... but the fallout itself... something about how there would be stuff falling from the sky.

And so, I remember looking up to the bright sky and closing my eyelids against the sun and and as I watched those particles floating down remember saying "I can see it!!!"... and feeling so smart. Have you ever done that?... and tried to focus on them? Because they are elusive.

Surely I am not alone here...

Anyway, only many years later did I realize that it was only eyeball residue I was seeing... but at the time I remember feeling really wow'd that I'd actually been able to actually witness the fallout and still be alive to tell about it.

And so what does this have to do with Clay Aiken? Seriously?... I have no idea. It's just one of those random things that struck me as the perfect analogy.

Because today?.. no matter how many times I try to shut my eyes against the sun... he's still there. Burned permanantly into my retinae...

Except this time I don't think I'm gonna survive...

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