Tuesday, December 26, 2006

SO Much Goodness!... SO Little Bandwidth...

The Not a Christmas Tour was just amazing!

Now, please understand... I am not a huge fan of Christmas music OR Lenny Bruce... but THIS one 'bout turned my head and heart around completely!..

I am just so amazed by the abundance of talent and the amount of sacrifice that the Clackgatherer's offer us each and every tour. And if I could just hug them all right now, I SO would.

Seriously, this all really started out to be just a wee little selfish collection for myself of all my favorite banter (that everyone else had gathered) from this tour and then... all of a sudden I felt SO compelled to share it!!! heh

In fact, I felt the compelling so strongly that I just couldn't even help mahself!

So you are very, very welcome!

And thank you!

And COMPLETELY vice-versa...

Part 1 - Waukegan & Merrilville:

Part 2 - Verona & Englewood:

Part 3 - Baltimore:

Part 4 - Norfolk:

Part 5 - Williamsport & Wilkes Barre:

Part 6 - Easton & Hartford:

Part 7 - Long Island:

Part 8 - West Point:

Part 9 - Red Bank:

Part 10 - Detroit & Grand Rapids:

Part 11 - Jacksonville & Charlotte:

Part 12 - Greensboro:

...The End...

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Invisible926 said...

Brava! Thank you so much! I've been waiting for banter montages. What a fantastic "tour" this was. Who knew what we would be getting when the Symphony concerts were announced?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. The tour has only been over for 3 days, and I already miss him so much that it hurts!

Short but sweet, the tour was such a wonderful Christmas treat. Clay seemed to have a wonderful time, so I am holding ot hope that he will be back for us soon!

Vox Vixen said...

I am amzazed at how good the clack has gotten. Of course the policy is more liberal than the early days and technology is better. I am just glad that there are plenty of people wanted to videograph the concert so others can live vicariously through them.

Anonymous said...

Chardonnay, your article "Ï Would Never Have Believed It" really surprised me, as I have felt for years like a "stranger in a strange land"in regard to Clay. I live in Cape Town South Africa, and we get NOTHING on him here, but coming from you living in America, it was surprising.

I just do not get a lot of the things that happen to Clay, Why no promoting of his cds etc, by RCA. Everyone else gets promoted over here.

I have so many unanswered questions, but it seems it is happening in America as well.

Are all Clayfans older people, I so worry about him, he is so amazing and talented.

I went to a Josh Groban concert here, and he is very popular here, yet I honestly feel Clay is so much better, more versatile, and much more entertaining, yet Josh has quite a few younger fans, just do not get it at all. Very strange to me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Janet, I'll treasure these!

He is nuclear for sure!

Love, Karen (Diva)

huskerfalcon said...

Thank you so much for putting the banter together! I enjoyed watching them so very much! Can't wait to see more!

So glad I finally got to meetcha! *g*

celebhith said...


Love all the banter! Is there some where I can find it so I can d/l to my computer at home? He's such a joy to watch and he's soooo witty!

Hugs to you!