Saturday, November 14, 2009


So, it has been brought to my attention that I haven't blogged recently.

Ooops, haha. Didn't mean to plagerize. But I'll borrow whatever I can get...

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Table Scraps...

So, it has been brought to my attention that I haven't blogged recently. True! I have been really bad. So sorry. I think sometimes I don't have anything to say, and then by the time I do have something to say there's just so much that I can't figure out what exactly to talk about. So here are the table scraps that have been piling up in my brain for the last several weeks.

Thanks SOOOOOO much to all of you who were able to attend the NIP Champions Gala. It was great fun and a real success. I think we raised the bard this year and i look forward to making it a huge hit in years to come.

What happened to Wake County Schools?!?1 Now that i have a kid i am so much more invested and I am EXTREMELY disappointed that so many selfish idiots ran and won seats on the school board. i hope we can get rid of them as soon as possible before they ruin my school system. Idiots.

Been traveling a lot lately to work on the album. I am very excited about it. Recording orchestras in London. Working on song arrangements and such in New York. Will be headed back to london and then on to Germany in the coming weeks to do more orchestra stuff and to do vocals. I am quite happy with what we are doing this time, and extremely satisfied with the direction we are headed in on this album. It is going to be fun.

Looking at trying to do a PBS special for next year to go along with this album. I think it may work out. That will be fun, and it will target an audience that I really hope to target this time. We'll keep you up to date.

While in London last time I went, with Hannah, to see Sister Act: the Musical. I went because I thought it would be a disaster and I wanted to see how bad it would be. I was SOOO WRONG. It was incredible. REALLY great. The sets were some of the most amazing I have EVER seen on a stage and the music was SPECTACULAR. Alan Menken, who wrote Aladdin and Beauty and The Beast and MUCH more, wrote the music for this... it was SOOO good. Makes me REALLY want to do hunchback of Notre Dame (which he also wrote) on Broadway. Anyone know anyone at Disney Theatricals? Wanna pull some strings? ;-)

I also saw Precious (the movie)... UNBELIEVABLE. It was so real and so gritty and so horrifying. Yet, at the same time, there were amazing glimpses of light in it. Several times the entire audience laughed out loud. It was really great. When it opens in your city, you must go! Mo'Nique MUST win the Oscar for supporting actress. You will NOT have a dry eye when you see this film.

Yippee! The News & Observer is now on my Kindle!

One of my contacts fell out today and it took forever to put it back in. Then, once I got it in, it hurt. So, I tried to take it back out and it didn't want to come out. What is that all about? Why do they fall out when you want them in, and stay stuck in when you want them out? ? ? So now my eye is all red, and I'm on to glasses again for a while.

Did you see Larry King last night? Carrie Prejean is a complete dumbass!

That's all my brain can regurgitate for now. Miss y'all. See ya soon!


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Best line of the day... Why do they fall out when you want them in, and stay stuck in when you want them out? ? ?


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