Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Retro *sigh* From a Long Time Ago...

In August of 2003 I flew from Grand Rapids to St. Louis ALL ALONE just to see some wanna-be "Pop Star." At the time I pretty much thought I was crazy for doing it. Little did I know I was definitely not all alone...

And in retrospect... it was probably one of the best frivolously used vacation days I've ever spent in my life!

It was hot though!... really, really hot! Warning: Don't ever visit St. Louis in the middle of August! Unless of course you have a really good reason to! Funny now when I think back on it, I barely remember the heat. Until he rose out of that stage that is...

He was real!!!

It was just so much fun to have found this video once again and be able to revisit it. I was sitting directly behind all those ladies on the front row waiving their signs! And yet I was totally oblivious to them... if you can imagine.

An out of body experience for sure!

Ah, and I just found this too! My little snippet of a review. *g*

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Carolina Clay said...


Thank you for replaying this special memory of Clay Aiken and the 2003 AI Tour. Unforgettable times!


Ashes said...

Chardonnay! What a delight to see this and lucky you to have been there to witness it in person.

I had to grin though, I just finished drafting a new blog, guess what one of the features is, LOL. Great minds and all that :)

Ashes said...

Thanks for the visit and comment, I was so happy to see you got the DL for the Wilkes Barre concert and it was new ones for you!
Wish YTube hadn't canned it, but their loss eh :)


It is a beautiful video. I love to remember to Clay in 2003 AI Tour. Thank you