Thursday, June 11, 2009

Technology Baffles My Mind Usually...

I can't even tell you how many weekends I've spent in an attempt to get a relatively simple thing to play in a format I want it to. Somehow it always works out! But last weekend was way easy!

Because I found this cool tool Fair Use Wizard that allows me to take all those wonderfully special DVD's that my daughter always sends me of her dance performances and convert them into a format that I can actually play with. I know... some of you probably have no need or interest in "playing" with DVD's, but if you do, then that ^^ up there is your tool. Totally free with no gimmicks!

And now, I can fiddle to my hearts content... and then sit back and enjoy.

Here's Whit in a 2004 performance with her Contemporary Dance Team at BYU Idaho. YOU may not be able to pick her out, but me, I have no problem. Not even when I shut my eyes... And besides, I'd be pretty proud to call any one of them mine.

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Ashes said...

Good find on that program. I have a friend wanting something that does just that. I'll pass it on!