Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love Means...

Never having to say you're sorry... (or at least I heard that once...)

So why do I feel such a need to say it?

Because there has never been, nor will there ever be again such a bright spark of love in my heart for someone who I have never or will ever know. And I don't really see the spark burning out any time soon... or probably ever.

But having said that... I still have a degree to pursue, a job to uphold, a family to re-acqaint with and SO much else that I've let completely slip under the rug these past few years. And trust me, there's a lot of junk under that rug...

(And also... i really can't stand ANTM!!!... I think it's absolutely the most cheeziest show ever!!! ugh! ack! and ok *breaths*)

I am just hoping, in my heart of hearts that, in the meantime, he's having a the most blissfully wonderful and well deserved time off! And though I don't really have much of a knack for fishing... perhaps it's yet another skill I could learn during this yet another down time... or as soon as this dang ice melts.

Or perhaps ice fishing could be a new and interesting challenge as well!

But anyway... *grimaces*

Please trust however that I WILL definitely be back... The very "next" second that he is...

And... look to your left for some wonderful blogs from peoples who are obviously WAY better fans and probably much less fisherman wannabees than I am... and {{{hugs}}} to all of them for taking up the slack...

Anyway... just please don't anyone trout me.

Oh wait! This is MY blog...

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Belly said...

Schlip Schlap!

hosaa said...

Hi there! Thanks for including my blog in your list! Gosh- that's so nice!

I love the heart-gone-fishin' graphic! Hee! Never have to say sorry for that. I've spent too much of my own life waiting for something to happen. There are other sparks out there, I'm sure, but he's the one I want.

Take care, and thanx for your comments and support.


Carolina Clay said...


So have you caught anything yet? Love the fishing graphic, as well as your whole take on Clay's time off.

Thank you for your kind remarks in the Caroina blog. Even if you don't understand basketball, just shout "Go, Heels!" in this general direction after 9 p.m. tomorrow.

Have an awesome week!


Ashes said...


Here's to fishing! It's quite exciting to catch a fish especially when the guys with the fancy gear aren't getting a nibble! I preferred to toss them back into the water. Except when I caught a big salmon, he pulled me right into the river with him.

The 'love means never having to say you're sorry' was lovely in the movie, but I sure would have liked to hear it once in a while in days gone by!!

Thank you for your visits, love 'em :)

hugs, Ashes

Chardonnay said...

Awww, you're all so sweet!

Well, except for Belly.. : )

Good Ol' Sally said...

As long he's still got that very nice bass, I'll be right there sitting on the bank next to you.

Hmmm....if I sit on the bank will my savings grow into a nice little touring nest egg?

Allegra said...

Enjoy your time off. Everyone needs that once in awhile. Don't worry. I'm sure we'll all be back in full swing verra soon.

Aaron, Whitney, and Jade said...

What is ANTM?? And I'm thinking Jadie, because I like your idea about the hearts. Happy Valentines Day!

Ashes said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

No fish today, unless they're sweet ones :)

Carolina Clay said...


What fond memories we Clay Aiken fans have of the JKL appearances on this day! Thank you for your kind remarks in the Carolina blog on this topic.

Looking forward to our singer's return once his break is spent. *g*

Happy Valentine's Weekend!