Sunday, February 15, 2009

Preparedness... It's Important!

Ok, well first of all. I really have no idea what this blog below has to do with Clay Aiken. Absolutely nothing at all really. So I feel kind of bad, in a way, using a blog with a name like "Clayigraphy" to sort of pimp my off topic and utterly random thoughts.

Oh well.

I guess he can't really expect for me to go out of my way and create a whole new blog for that purpose.. just because he decides to take a little time off. Can he?

Alrighty then.

So anyway.

I have this little assignment for my Telecommunications class that I have to do. As if the class itself isn't difficult enough. Trust me! It covers all of the super important techno-savvy things that you will never, EVER need to know to be able to get by in life.

Still, the assignment is, to research what life was like in the 50's and compare it to life in the new millennium, technology-wise, with the suggestion that we interview someone who lived "back then" to get their point of view. Bwah. So luckily I won't even have to leave my house for this one... or even pick up an antiquated phone. But I did browse the internet for a few secs just for schnicks...

And well, I found out a bunch of stuff that I never knew or realized... or more likely just simply didn't remember. The progression of it all came at such a snails pace back then that we could hardly sense it happening. But so much, SO MUCH has occurred in even the past few years in this realm that even reading it made my head spin.

So after hyper-speeding my way through the past 50 years in this one afternoon I'm actually very excited about this project. In fact, it's pretty much already written itself. And maybe I'll even share it with you when it's finished.

But haha... my sharing that with you wasn't really the main purpose of this blog!

What the main reason was to ask... OMG!.. "How did the baby boomers even survive their formative years without just completely committing mass suicide?"

What follows is an actual educationally approved filmstrip which was being shown in schools country-wide right around the time that I was still feeling fairly safe and secure in my snuggly little blankie.

Watch this! You won't believe it!

And now, we're advised to moniter our children's television exposure?

Moral (I guess?..) Advancement is good!

And ALWAYS be prepared and completely ready for anything! As in saving up that little extra stash of cash in that safeguarded cookie jar just "in case" the word "TOUR" should ever flash blindingly across your screen totally unexpectedly one of these days! And also... the fingers should be excercised and limbered to the max at all times, for whatever actions they may ever be asked to perform at any given moment...

Whew...Thank goodness I was somehow able to bring this one back around...

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Ashes said...

Boy can I relate to this blog! Duck & Cover drills were done just as often as fire drills at school. The video was a real step back in time.
I never have forgotten to save my pennies for something cookie jar is now ready to send me to a Clay Aiken concert :)

I'd love to read your project report.

hosaa said...

OMG, seriously, the duck-and-cover film pisses me off. Of course we all did the drill, but even at age 6 I knew if the alarm went off I'd be evaporated.

I want to know where the training film was for public officials responsible for preventing the Bomb? Oh yeah, I guess they did televise the HUAC hearings. [/snark]

So your project is to find out if we learned anything from the 1950s? Heh! Somehow I don't think so. Did we foresee the consumerist cult and corruption by greed that would destroy our economy? Lots to think about. Thanks for being "random"!!


molnar ramblings said...

OK, this was just too much scary memory for me! Yep, I can remember the fright of the bomb and hiding under the desk. Although I do remember lining up in the halls and ducking and covering in anticipation of tornadoes also. Another frighting experience!

Boy being a product of the 50's has left scares! You are doing a report on this, huh. I hope you are't permanently scared as us 50's children are.

Thanks for sharing the fright. Just kidding at least it explains so much about us oldies!

One more thought if we were that close to an atomic bomb duck and cover wouldn't do us much good as we would be gone!!!!

Allegra said...

They had technology in the 50's?? Heh.

I went to elementary school in the 60's and honestly can't remember "Duck and Cover" drills. Life has always been scary, so it's nothing new.

I look forward to hearing about your project.

Ashes said...

Thanks for both comments :)
I found Chardonnay1 at Twitter, is that you?
I'm ClayTheMan there, they already had a lot of Ashes!

Carolina Clay said...


Well, you took me back in time. So glad we all survived ... to enjoy Clay Aiken, Twitter, blogs, the Digital Age, etc. *g*

Thnx for sharing and for stopping by the Carolina blog. Will look for you at Twitter!

Have a great evening!


Ashes said...

Thanks for the visit & comment to the new blog :)

Got that project finished?

Carolina Clay said...


Thnx for the kind comment in the previous post. Hope you are having a super weekend!

I'm watching a movie, blogging again, and twittering, LOL!