Sunday, March 22, 2009

Idle Idol?...

Ok, so I'll admit it. The fishing hasn't been that much fun. (see previous post)

And if truth be told, I was really just trying to call his bluff. Like maybe if I said I was going fishing he'd like do some big kamakazee plunge off the bluff, like directly into my fishing hole, and like scare all those fishies away. Like, right...

But I guess we still have a couple of things to look forward to. Like that Top Model stint, and the Tyra award, and that 30 Rock thing... (So thank goodness for the thems. I guess. : )

But really... I just want him to sing. And tour. Again.

So today I tossed my fishing pole and donned my scuba gear and went diving into the depths of the past. And what I came up with was this...

That I really need to cop him a little bit of a break... or two. Cause in truth, he seriously DOES deserve this little time off.

Anyway...This is not so very original, nor is it so very well done IMHO... But it WAS heartfelt. And somewhat a necessity...

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Ashes said...

Char, your montage is lovely, one of my favourite I say about 99% of Clay songs!

Do you suppose if we all chant..Clay Tour, Clay Tour, he will hear us? I haven't given up hope, and really have a feeling we're going to hear exciting thing in the next month or two.

My last blog is celebrating springtime, only thing is the Mother Nature didn't read it, we just got over a foot of snow in the last 12 hours!

Thanks for the beautiful Clay memories.

jbc4clay said...

That was beautiful and it WAS very well done!

Thanks for sharing it.

Sue said...

Wonderful montage, Chardonnay! It captures the heart of the man who has captured the hearts of so many.

Thank you.

Aaron, Whitney, and Jade said...

What album is that song on? Do I have it? I like it but I don't recognize it for some reason. I thought the video was great! Glad you're back to blogging...for now anyway.

Carolina Clay said...


LOL about the fishing pole! Guess you are like the rest of us -- rewinding past performances while we wait for Clay Aiken to hit the road and sing to us on a new tour.

Thank you for your kind comment in the Carolina blog. Have a great week!