Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's Montage Time!... 2008

Ok.. well, so that didn't rhyme. But it will next year!

I have to admit that I've stopped collecting them obsessively. Life just get's so busy. But here are a couple of last year's offerings that I simply don't want to forget... though I still have a lot more of them on my hard drive!

August Rhapsody ... by Aspiegirl

On My Way Here ... by dreamlarge

There You Are ... by LovesClaysVoice

A 2008 Year In Review ... by dreamlarge

Something About Us - An Obama Love Story ... by Maplestik

Scheduled to be presented at one of the upcoming Inaugural Balls!

Need more? 2006 and 2007

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Allegra said...

I love the montages you chose. So many in the fandom are very talented at putting montages together, and there are several that are not to be missed.

Thanks for posting some of my favs


Carolina Clay said...


What a wonderful collection of montages -- definitely some of my favorites!

Thank you for taking us on a partial tour of your hard drive. Looking forward to the next leg of the trip!


Ashes said...

Chardonnay, Thanks for the visit and comment!

Glad I came back over, as I see the comment I left here about the wonderful video floating in cyberspace somewhere. So a belated but heartfelt Thanks!