Saturday, January 10, 2009

Enjoy Your Time Away! Clay.

We'll be right here.


..with open arms.

And lest we ever forget what we're waiting FOR... Here will always be a little reminder (or at least until YouTube takes it down...)

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Carolina Clay said...


Aren't these wonderful videos? Thnx for sharing them in your blog.

Glad you enjoyed the latest Carolina entrty. The snow codes are in a PM at FCA.

Have a great weekend!


Allegra said...

It's always a special treat to discover unseen clack. :) Thanks for posting it. The more people that see it the better.


Carolina Clay said...


Kudos on your snow! I have said many times that for a southerner, this is my kind of snow, LOL!

Someone with a lot of spare time can play around with the direction of the snowflakes by moving around a mouse or touch pad. *g*

Have fun!


Ashes said...

Chardonnay, I just love the new-old videos of ATDW that were found. Total thud!
Great snow! Glad whatever I said helped :) I've always loved playing in the snow, with this you don't even get cold..way to go, eh!

Thank you for coming over and the comments on my theatre visiting..via the net.


Aaron, Whitney, and Jade said...

lol, dogypat. That's a good one, and I love that you've joined D and I in the sharing of word verifications! Sometimes they just make my day.