Thursday, January 15, 2009

Whitney's MS Walk... 2009

I am really looking forward, once again, to participating in the annual walk for MS. This will be my daughter's 4th year walking and her 3rd year as a Team Captain for this great cause. She is so amazing! And what's funny is... I am quite certain that even if she didn't have to deal with the disease herself... she'd be right out there in front leading a team for somebody she knew who DID. Because well, that's just her.

Last year, Whitney's team received recognition at the Idaho Falls, Idaho Chapter event for not only exceeding their goal but for having the hightest total contributions. This year, we hope to do the same OR MORE in Boise! Especially since this year it falls on her birthday!

But unfortunately "the walk" isn't just an afternoon event...

Here are a couple of pictures of Whit just a couple of months before she was diagnosed. (She's the one with the joyful appendages.. *g*)

I'm sure that anyone who's ever received news that either they or their child has a debilitating disease will completely understand. It's a difficult bit of news to take in..

But really, she is doing great! And sometimes I even forget that she has it. I mean, she's got the most perfect little family and pretty much a perfect life. And she's still dancing! So everythings good! And normal!

Then, every so often... I remember the REASON that everything is so perfect and normal... and what it is she has to go through in order to keep it that way. But I'm sure she thinks about it all the time.

So anyway... I pray for the day when she, along with countless others, will finally be able to be free from their "normal" routine. The National MS Society is working really, really hard to do... just that.

Thank you so much to family and friends who have already donated to this year's Walk. Your love and support is MOST appreciated!

MS stops people from moving. The National MS Society exists to make sure it doesn't.

And please... Even if not for this... just walk for something. Because well, walking is just really, really good for you!

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Carolina Clay said...


Your blog about your daughter is very moving. Wishing Whitney the best in her ongoing walk. She is a beautiful dancer.

Here's to another banner MDA year for the Idaho Falls chapter!


Ashes said...

Chardonnay, you have a beautiful daughter. All the best to her to keep on walking and dancing.

Thanks for your comment to the Winter Blues! I'll post the puzzle answers next time.

Carolina Clay said...


Thank you for your kind remarks in the inaugural entry. I am so proud of our incoming president and this country. What an exciting week!


Aaron, Whitney, and Jade said...

Thank you mom! You are so wonderful, and you put things so much better than I ever could. I should hire you as my PR person for the walk each year, we'd make twice as much. Love you!

Aspiegirl44 said...

Hi Chardonnay. Thank you for walking for MS. My father had MS. and the way you describe Whitney is how I remember my father. He was the best dad ever and I never remember him complaining much even though I know it was hard on him. He was to busy grounding me to complain. heeee.

Really my dad taught me to live in the world "with" a disability but to not let the disability be your world. He is the one who taught me to smile through the hard times. This is sad but sort of happy too.... right before my father passed away he winked at me and smiled and made me laugh. I will never forget that. He never stopped laughing. He always found a way to dance.

((HUGS to you and Whitney the beautiful dancer))


PS: you left a comment in my old blog. It was never published because I deleted that blog. Somehow I managed to have to blogs when trying to learn how to do these blogs. Still lost at figuring them out too. heeee.