Sunday, January 25, 2009

Enough Water for Children...and well, for everyone.

This is something I admittedly have rarely had cause to think about.

That there could be people in this world who seriously lack for the most essential and fundamental of needs. Like water.

And I was so touched by this blog from The Clays News Network that I'm gonna try to do something about it too! Please go back and click on that link! I don't want to reinvent the wheel here and there is SO much good information there. So much thirst. Yet so much we can do.

So what can I do?

For starts... I can ask my local restaraunt to participate in the cause. Would you donate $1 for that "freebie" glass of tap water so casually placed at your table if you thought you could save a life? I probably would.

But here's my biggest beef...

I pay something like $20 a month for the mere privledge of just having the service. Versus the $2 a month that I actually consume. So I wonder if they would consider taking $1 of my service charge and contributing it to a very worthy cause which could help attack a serious definciency which exists in so many countries on our planet. I guess ya never know until you ask. Hmmm. I feel a correspondence coming on...

And if you missed the first link, here's yet another one. The TAP Project.

I would never have even known about this effort if it hadn't been for this guy.

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