Sunday, November 02, 2003

Burning Issues...

Archived from LBFCA 2003-11-02


In honor of The Voice and Totality of Goodness of Clay Aiken Day, we bring you a way for the Broads, and all of Clay's fans, to be good to Clay.

It pretty much goes without saying that no Lecherous Broad is going to rob her man of what he so rightly deserves. But we do know that we get lots of visitors to our site. We like to believe almost everyone in Clay's world knows of the infamous LBFCA and it seems appropriate that we, as the Lecherous Broads for Clay Aiken, state our position and let the lurkers and visitors to our Main Page and Guestbook know where we stand.

A serious subject was raised in the guestbook a couple of weeks ago by a few posters who had been approached by co-workers, friends or relatives about burning a copy of "Measure of a Man" These folks were hearing Clay Aiken's CD for the first time, and naturally were anxious to get their hands on a copy for themselves. We can happily report that in each case, no Lecherous Broad made a bootleg copy of Clay's CD to pass on, choosing instead to purchase a copy and give it as a gift. There was often a proviso with the gift that if the recipient enjoyed the music she/he would in turn purchase a copy to pass on. This is known as "Claying- it-forward." If you don't mind getting more than your toes wet, dive into our guestbook. You will find many wonderful "Clay-it-forward" stories shared by some pretty smart broads who have found creative ways to pass Clay's music on to others without resorting to burning copies. No one has lost any friends, been passed over for promotion or told to cook their own turkey this Thanksgiving.

We are making a Broad statement here because we've got our man to look out for. He's given us so much this past year and we've promised him that we've got his back. For all of you Broads ......who really don't need to read this.......we give you an eyeful reasons to continue..........

Lecherous Broads believe that the Burning of Candles

is good.

Also the Burning of Dinner

can be good.

Who wants to eat dinner anyway?

Especially if this is what you are hungry for...

This is a Burning Hunger.

And that funny feeling in the pit of your stomach?

That would be a Burning Desire

...which sometimes can lead to...

Spontaneous Combustion

...or a long satisfying

Slow Burn......(it's gettin' hot in here!)

This slow kind of burning is very good.

It is the stuff dreams are made of and if all our dreams come true, it is followed by this...

The Afterburn

Afterburn may some times be accompanied by Whisker Burn or Rug Burn...

...but it's still good.

Burn Out is not good but sometimes it does present a lovely photo opportunity like this one...

This, on the other hand is what we here at the LBFCA call

a Bad Burn!

Bad Burns can have significant side effects...

They may force our beloved to look for alternative employment...

as a Politician, or ...

GASP!!!!!...a D.J.!!

Even worse, would you want to see him on an episode of

"Where Are They Now?"

And since we at LBFCA have promised to always stand by our man, this could become a reality...

The Lecherous Broads for Clay Aiken like things that sizzle. We like our singer hot, our purple pages smokin', and our conversation steamy. We do not like our CDs burnt. We like our Clay to come in a tightly wrapped package. We've written pages and pages about the joy experienced eagerly removing his wrapping, snapping open his case, and gently inserting the long anticipated contents into our players. Let it be unequivocally stated here, that no Lecherous Broad has ever opened her drawers for anything other than the real deal. We accept and proliferate no substitutes. We have the highest standards here and strive to maintain them.

Stepping down from the steps of City Hall to ask...

what did you think of the purdy pictures?

-Created and written by Karen Eh?
-Photo Surgery by Wendy and Julie
-Kind Permission from FB Erin for use of her Holy Grail
-Thanks to Jannet for the concept "Lecherous Bag Ladies for Clay Aiken"
-Thanks to ClassAkt MK on for the whisker burn photo
-posted by Nelle, with special thanks to Katynka and Danielle, who fixed the photo alignment and line breaks that Nelle couldn't figure out, and extra special thanks to Karen Eh? who, unbeknownst to Nelle, Katynka and Danielle, stayed up half the night figuring out how to fix all that herself.

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