Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Day After Valentine's Day... ugh

Just shoot me NOW Cupid!... for I am a FOOL! I tossed and turned all night debating whether or not to share this sappy and OT story with you... but unfortunately it looks like the whether has won.

Cause see, I met this really awesome and funny guy (on the internet of all places)... though it would be rather complicated to explain how it all transpired. But I think I can probably blame it all on a simple little bout of insomnia sometime back in 2004...

And then last night I think I completely messed the whole thing up!

Anyway... here's how my Valentine's Day 2007 went down...

And then later last night (or should I say early this morning)...


**Disclaimer: I have never, EVER laid a hand on Photoshop!
(of which, I am confident, must be obvious...)

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved it!!!!!! ha! it's perfect.

Belly said...

Good Gawd, that was hysterical!! I would comment at CH but PWing isn't allowed! ;)


Anonymous said...

Gee, that guy really gets around! I have very similar messages from the same guy. Go figure.

touchstone2 said...

That was brilliant! Yet...sad.


Lover All Alone.... heh!!

I loved it. Happy Apres Val Day!

celebhith said...

What a hoot! You've got a wicked sense of humor, gurrl!


Anonymous said...

Bwahahahaa!!! That was brilliant! BRILLIANT!! That Clay Aiken is so sly!

I don't care if I am twice his age, I wouldn't turn THAT down!!! hehehe

The ConCLAYve-Nan said...

That was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

eeyore said...

BWAH! Char, you had me going for a minute.

Especially when you asked him to hold up two fingers - he was obviously on the other end talking to you!

I think you let a good one slip away.

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Does it make me a bad person that I am laughing so much over your heartbreak?

Maybe reallyhawtguyinraleigh and
you can work it out.

Chardonnay,Thank-you for sharing that moment. You're awesome!

sue said...

Absolutely BRILLIANT!

Sure puts things in perspective, doesn't it....

Carolina Clay said...


This is one of the most entertaining blogs I have every read! Kudos to your creativity -- what a hoot! Sorry to be laughing when you are "Lover All Alone."

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!


RunningFree said...

Absolutely love this blog. It's hilarious, I mean so sad and moving. A web based unfulfilled love story. LOL.

Anonymous said...

OMG, you got to talk to CLAY?????

Wonderful blog and great job with the "evidence."