Friday, August 03, 2007

So... what? Did You Think I'd Forget???

Fat chance! bwahahahaha.

So anyway... Here's what my little sister jee-nee looked like somewhere around 43 years ago today.

Isn't she just adorable? The most perfect bangs... nice little curls... a to-die-for tie pin... And yes, I coveted it ALL. I did.

Too bad that she turned out to be such an agonizingly unnactractive young woman...

So yes... Sibling rivalry at it's best I guess it was. She always did have the most perfect curls or the perfectly straight and silky locks. Whichever and whatever she wanted... But then it's always been that way! She even got to get married three times!!!


**Switches to first person to make it more personable...**

OK... you know I'm kidding, don't you? Just joshin' with you, right? Because right off the top of my head... I have 2 of just the most wonderful memories that are so vivid in my brain right now that they are about to burst out of it:

* Like the time that I was babysitting you and I made you go outside on the driveway wearing my oversized pair of rollerskates, even though I knew you didn't have a CLUE how to rollerskate... But somehow you came through. And so yeh.. I never DID get to borrow that pair of crutches from you that I was hoping and praying for...

* And then there was that time when I was directing that production of "A Little Princess" in our basement... and out of ALL the kids in the WHOLE neighborhood I let YOU be Sara Crew. Oh, I KNOW I didn't have to... but then "I guess that's what makes me so nice" tm Glinda from "Wicked." Nevermind that we never actually performed it... even though we did rehearse it a lot! And it's always the thought that counts anyway.

Now don't get me wrong... We do have several, OK... multitudinous, OTHER memories ... but I think you'll probably agree with me that most of them are just much too embarrassing or too private to share. So shhh, don't you dare tell and I won't either.

My one serious question, however, is... how did you end up somehow being such a wonderful sister afterall? Because truly... you are one of the few people on earth who really knows me. And I just never would have expected that of you when you were like... 5.

And even though you are now... 48 (omg!)... you are still, in my mind, my adorable little sister jee-nee, except who is now Alison, and probably always SHOULD have been. You've just always been the "Alison" type, ya know?

And STILL not too pathetically atrocious to look at...

*Note... For those of you who would prefer a gushy sort of "Hallmark" greeting in the future, I would be more than happy to oblige. But you'll have to send money. Because those types of things take work...

Anyway... Happy Birthday Alison! Really.

I love you! So much!

Your sister

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Carolina Clay said...


Sorry this is so late, but this week Blogroll suddently started showing me the updated "NEW" journals again. I hope Alison had a very happy birthday about a month ago and that all is well with you.

Take care, and have an awesome Labor Day Weekend!