Saturday, June 21, 2008


Every year Fifth Third Bank of West Michigan (my employer) sponsors a food drive. But it's so much more than that! We get together on different teams and 'canstruct' things out of non-perishable food and household items that we afterwards donate. And we have a lot of fun in the process! Even more than you can imagine!

This year we provided ACCESS of West Michigan over 8,000 lbs. of food benefiting seven different food pantries. The judges for this year's competition included Catherine Behrendt from WZZM-13 Marsha DeHollander of ACCESS of West Michigan among other's from Fifth Third's management team. We were on WZZM's nightly news but I think the link was only good for a week...

This years trophy winners are as follows:


Withdraw Hunger was constructed with a whole lot of boxes of mac & cheese and vegetable cans and a dozen jars of peanut butter. The display surprised some who thought it was a "real" ATM! A PowerPoint presentation depicting the dire situation in our inner city ran on a loop.

That was MY team. *g*


Just Another Day In Paradise complete with coconut flavored marshmellows hanging from the palm trees and jumping starkist tuna...


Carting Away Hunger - Love the baby made out of packages of pinto beans...

Other Mentions:

Strike Out Against Hunger

Every Second Counts

Buying A Home: $300,000
Building A Home: $250,000
Feeding A Home: Priceless
(The Mortgage Department)

Torch Hunger

Food Pantry

You Can Be A Lifesaver

Pot of Hope

And from 2007:


Imagine Life Without Hunger


Shine A Light On Hunger


Solving The Hunger Puzzle (My Team)

Why Should Anyone Go Hungry?

Self Explanatory

Clay content?... Well, Clay, me and the ATM have somewhat of a history...

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