Thursday, October 23, 2008

Last Song Maybe. But Definitely Not Last Call...

It’s been a whole week now since we were blessed with the magnificent Champions for Change gala and I have still not yet fully recovered.

And I wasn’t even there…

But thanks to the many, many tireless Clackgoddesses I felt like I was.

And so… of course, (of course) I had to make this montage… Or perhaps I should say "this compilation." Because there were so many great videos of this song that I just couldn't make myself choose between them.

But there’s a disclaimer to it. Which is... that Clay does not lipsynch. Never has and he never will. So please don’t let any of my video editing fool ya.

See, the problem is that I’ve never made one before where I actually had to ‘synch’ the singing. And trust me… It was Hard!!!

Hee, I said Hard.


So I guess some things... like being a Broad, or like Clay still just being Clay... will simply never ever change.

Beautiful Song. Beautiful Man.

And though there have been SO many incredible comments across the boards during the past week, in fact way too many to mention... I just wanted to include two of them that really got me.

I did read Brightstar's recap which was brought over. Her recap IMO is right on in all aspects--the emotions (love being the predominant emotion of the night, I think), Clay's cognizance of the message boards (fugly...too funny!), the still and forever indescribable beauty of his voice, the intimacy of the message conveyed and received in his rendering of "Right Here Waiting". I too will be wrapping my mind, heart and soul around the depth and beauty of last night for many weeks to come. Not to mention the sheer fun and joy. Yep, he done did it to us again! (Please don't ever stop, Clay, 'k ?! )

Just a couple of (disjointed) thoughts I wanted to share.

About midway through "Right Here Waiting for You", I thought I was the only one with tears streaming down my face and sniffling, but then I realized I was hearing sniffling and sobbing all around me. In case you're wondering, the little ripple of laughter at the very end of "Right Here Waiting" was slightly embarrassed laughter at ourselves as the sobbing was just as audible as Clay's tender voice as he sang the last phrase of "Right Here Waiting" without the mike. (And the beauty, purity and texture of his unamplified voice...truly every bit as beautiful and transcendent as the finest instrument ever made).

For me, it felt like we had gone back to our roots. Clay even looked so much like he did back in 2003/2004 when he first mezmerized us and cast us underneath his spell. I saw so many of those early gestures and nuances and passion. It reminded me of why I first fell in love with him. (Yep, I said, "in love" with it!). It was so eerie but so right. Whatever the degree of wondering each of us may have gone through about "is Clay still Clay", I say the answer is a blessedly, resounding YES! Even for those who didn't have that doubt or concern, what a treasure it was to be reminded and be able to relive that magic again. Last night was like the perfect mixture of Clay of the past AND present...old look, new songs. Totally cool, freaky and somehow right.

Personally, I've given up the battle of trying to find the words which accurately describe the emotions Clay, both the man and the voice, evokes from the very depths of your soul. In total seriousness, I don't think the words exist in the dictionary. Maybe because he makes me feel so much. Maybe because when your heart is that full to overflowing, no words could ever be adequate enough. The closest I can come, broken down into the simplest terms, is: He's back. We're back. We're home again.

How lucky are we?

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The icing came for me when I realized that I’d left my jacket on my chair some good time later (nearly an hour or more I think—but it’s a bit fuzzy) and went back to retrieve it. I ran into Faye coming out from somewhere, carrying some things and just started talking to her about the evening and how special it was. She then said to me:

“Y’all make him feel so special.”

*Karma is now all kinds of verklempt of course* I said something to the effect that I hoped so, and something about all the emotion in the room and how fortunate I felt to have been there and she talked about all the tears she’d seen (she looked a bit like she’d might have had a moment or two herself) and I verified that I’d experienced the same and then we smiled at each other for a second and said good night. It was the perfect thing to hear at the end of this incredible evening. “Y’all make him feel so special.” I hope so with all my heart.

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Carolina Clay said...


Thank you for another awesome blog. Like you, I "attended" the gala through the wonderful recaps and generous clack of others.

Kudos on your first montage! You are an artist on a new road. *g*

Thank you for stopping by the previous Carolina entry.

Have a great week!


Chardonnay said...

hee Caro, that wasn't exactly my first montage. Just the first one where I had to actually synch the words. And it wasn't easy, so thanks for the kudos. BTW... I realize this wasn't my best effort but that wasn't the point of it for me. I just wanted it on my blog and I couldn't decide between them all...