Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Present...

So this Christmas will be a little bit different from Christmases Past. Not that I haven't spent the holidays alone before because I have... But those were in the years where my children would sometimes spend the holidays with their dad and I always knew I'd have them here again with me the next year. And so, I pretty much would just use those times as opportunities to sit back, relax, listen to some music, watch a few videos, all the while thinking of everyone else hurriedly bustling with last minute wrapping or stocking filling and drowning in the mess of Christmas Day clean up, etc, etc. And well, to be totally honest?... I rather completely enjoyed it.

This year, not so much.

So why? What makes this year different???


So yeah, ok, I'm partially kidding here kids... However, this blog IS called Clayigraphy, so it's, afterall, rather obligatory that I mention that fact. And, for sure, it hasn't in ANY way assisted in helping to get me out of this seemingly endless holiday funk. So there you go.

But the REAL truth is... this year I just really kind of miss the mess! Not that there ever WAS much of a mess after we got through all the "Barbie" years, so I guess that's not really it. Or maybe I just miss the traditions. The Christmas Eve Disney movies... or decorating the tree to Amy Grant (which I think in 2004 became the compilation which we now lovingly call "Amy Aiken")... Or hiding Christmas gifts in the most clever places until they could be wrapped secretly in the basement, very late on Christmas Eve after the girls had gone to bed(even when they were teenagers) because everyone knows that though there isn't a Santa Claus, there STILL really IS. I miss the challenge of tiptoeing into their rooms and setting out those packages of jamies and slippers next to their beds without waking them up (though I'll bet sometimes I did, and they just never let on)... I miss the anticipation of their excitement when I was finally able to fall into bed. And I guess most of all, I will miss all of those maticulous and well organized little piles of stuff on Christmas morning. *sniff* I guess I trained them well.

But now, they each have their own wonderful, new little families... and I couldn't be more grateful for that!... but they are so very far away. And so I told them "No, please don't spend your money to travel out here this year"... and "Shoot, my vacation time is all used up!"


Christmas Future: Let's don't EVER let this happen again!

In the meantime... I made this Christmas Card. Which is something I probably wouldn't have had time to do otherwise. So see? I guess there is always somehow a bright side...

So now, I'm gonna sit back, relax, listen to some music and watch a few videos. Here's one for starts...

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1 comment:

Ashes said...

A Merry Christmas to you :)
Thank you for the card, your girls are beautiful.

Hugs, Ashes