Saturday, March 03, 2007

In Like A Lion...

Luckily I did my grocery shopping on Thursday, when all we were having to deal with were intermittent torrential downpours, flashflood warnings and icestorm residuals...

Compared to that, today seems like a piece of cake.

I'm glad that, at least for today, I am completely unrequired in the world. And I'm extremely relieved that I'm not in my ninth month of pregnancy or anything. As if.

But inside, my cockles are all warm...

A Tour! And a summer one at that! Seriously folks, there is nothing like one! And the memory of them is all it takes to wear away these winter blues. But I guess you'd have had to have "been there" at least once to completely understand.

And since I am snowed in today and have nothing else to do but reflect...

Disclaimer: Over the years fallen away Clay Fans have removed their videos from the internet so I've just done my best to replace them when possible.

Trifecta: LovesClaysVoice

Back For More: SLC

Tears Run Dry: 4192spooky via moi

Ya know how sometimes the senses can trigger major memories of the past? Kind of like how the smell of bacon can immediately transport you back to a time from many years ago when you awoke on a Saturday morning feeling safe and secure and knowing that all was well with the world?

Well, that's kind of what those videos do for me. Cause even on this very cold and blustery winter day I can still almost feel those beads of sweat trickling down my spine.


Too Much said...

I love those videos! What a summer that was--can't wait to do it again.

And wanted some snow this winter...sigh.

Carolina Clay said...


So glad we have access to tour memories through CLACK on our hard drives or at YouTube. These videos can definitely make one believe we're in the midst of a Clay Aiken summer tour. Soon!

Have a great week!