Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sad Lobster... or Be Very, Very Careful What You Wish For...

Yes, it's all true... this very, very sad tail.

In the throws of the Beanie Baby craze back in 1997 I made the irretractable error of asking the following of my mother-in-law in the midst of putting her on a plane back to Dallas.

"If you see any of these Beanie Babies during your connection in Chicago could you please pick them up for me?" Then gave her the list of the "few" I was looking for.

Because, you see, I had two little girls at the time and I was just trying to be a good mama Jones...

The following week several little critters arrived on my doorstep. None of them being the one's I had asked for but they were very cute nonetheless.

In the next few weeks boxes started coming in droves. And at first I think I went "Wow... Hee... Cool!" As the weeks progressed though... not so much. Because there were just SO many of them and my house was beginning to feel like a zoo! Because I'm talking BOXES!!! And THEN she began to include the receipts with instuctions to save them for insurance purposes (no doubt). But NO WAY did she pay $299 for a Beanie Baby! Yep, she did.

And then THE TRUNKS arrived on my keep them in of course. And within those trunks they still safely lie... and have for a decade now. Completely free of dust.

I think a couple of years ago I finally sorted them all out, making sure that both of my children had a complete set... and labeled their trunks accordingly. The rest and the extras... I tossed into the "various and sundry Beanie Baby basket."

Brought a "few" of them out just recently for a breath of fresh air...

Squeeze IN guys!

At any rate... Gramma passed on a couple of years ago. No inheritance was left to her grandchildren. Everything she owned had to be sold to offset her debt.

I don't let myself nag on it very often because I know how very much she loved them. Her grandaughters that is. And I have about 948 ways to remind me.

This handbook says that by the year 2007, most of the Beanies sold 10 years ago will be worth approximately $40 each... with a couple soaring to $300. I've also found that the handbook serves as a lovely coffee table display and also as a great ice-breaker.

So... any takers? Because seriously... a buck a piece... plus shipping of course.

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