Monday, June 04, 2007

So, How Soon Is Really TOO SOON?... to start packing...

Given the rollercoaster ride that this tour's ticket sales took us on I think we finally deserve the luxury of just basking in these last few weeks of anticipatory bliss. So I believe now is as good a time as any for the "road-trips" to begin!

Of course, I would have been fine with starting my packing weeks ago... but it's kind of like the drinking before noon rule, right? I mean, to do so would probably indicate a serious problem...

So today, I celebrate...

The 30-Day Countdown!

Not to keep relying on similies to make my point... but that whole ticket buying process this time around DID seem to me to be a lot like childbirth... especially in the way that as I'm sitting here typing this right now I'm not remembering the pain of it so much anymore.

In fact, I only occassionally do I let my mind drift back to my first plan... the one which didn't pan out at all. The agonizing decision making process of should I commit to this one... just go for it? And then the hours upon hours spent trying to figure it out never even occurring to me that the ticket battle hadn't yet begun. But anyway, I must own some kind of record now for booking and cancelling hotel rooms. Did it ever USE to be this difficult? I think not, but then again, perhaps it all just goes back to the childbirth thing...

At any rate... I now have 3 legs more or less figuratively cemented in stone. I probably could have done just as well with 2, but as I've come to learn and accept... things in moderation, when it comes to Clay, is just not something I do.

On the other hand... I think in the end I restrained myself quite well.

Stay tuned to hear the reason it really DOES take me a month me to pack. You definitely won't want to miss this one!

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