Sunday, June 17, 2007

Zippers and Pussycats..

OK... so I promised this.

I don't know when exactly it was that I determined that I couldn't just quickly and casually pack up my suitcase for a long awaited vacation and expect my kitties to, in any way, cooperate.

I think I was clued in one morning around 5 am... having a 7 am plane to catch. All done.. all ready to go.. and just one or two suitcase zippers to go before I'm out the door.


If there's anything I've learned since I met Clay is that kitties hate traveling. Kitties hate kennels. Kitties pretty much hate anything about their schedules being disrupted and if they don't want to go someplace or do anything that they don't wanna go to or do they will be sure to let you know it. Trust me.

Do you even know how many nooks and crannies there are in your house that you don't even KNOW about?

Anyway.. first let me introduce you.

Here's Riley:

And here's Marzipan:
And yes... as sweet as they may seem to be... they ARE NOT so sweet during those moments of trying to "gently" shove them into a kitty carrier...

How many times have I crawled under the bed upstairs... having to brandish a broomstick... in 90 percent humidity! Seriously... when you're all ready to get on a plane that is just "plain NOT FUN!"

And then there was the time when I only had an hour to catch my plane and yet I had to sit down and turn on my computer and play Clay Aiken montages and sigh and sing along with them just so they would think everything was completely normal...

But I have come to learn...

So NOW.... I pack WEEKS in advance. Or at least I have every piece of clothing and sundry item laid out and mentally placed into my suitcase far in advance. Because the zipper can only.. zip.. once.

Anyway.. I am going to see Clay in 3 weeks. And I am already ready!!!

And they don't even know it !


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