Monday, November 12, 2007

We Are SO Lucky!

Is it too early to give thanks?

Because seriously, what other object of affection does THIS within a span of two weeks time? I ask you gurrfriend!

Not only did he appear as a special guest in a tribute to pop icon Neil Sedaka...

...Produced by music industry legend David Foster...

But then... he also remembered to take a moment to kiss us!

And then only a week later he took us back to the classroom (Such a rarity! *g* Unfortunately no corporal punishment was involved...) and proved to us that, though he MAY not be smarter than a fifth grader (as if) he is still definitely smart enough to know when to take the $300,000 for the Bubel/Aiken Foundation summer camps and run!

And wasn't it only the very next week when he "slipped and slided" in that very sweet, humble and self-deprecating way of his for us (after blowing the roof off in his soon to be nationally televised version of "All Is Well?")

But only after hugging... (oh gawd)

THAT BLOND? (!!!!!)

**lalalalalala... I can't HEAR you!** **Sticks fingers in ears and squeezes eyelids together tightly!**

And yet, HaHa!... wouldn't ya know that he'd still figure out a way to make it up to us somehow?...

And I guess, after that, he figured that we'd all just be so spent by the quantity of him, that he'd allow us to just sit back, relax and enjoy taking in this...

Yes, he is such a grand boyfriend... and we ARE so lucky.

Thanks to all who provide the Clack always, and in this instance, particularly to dreamlarge for having such the eagle eye when it comes to these sorts of things.

And to MBlovesClay for scoring the original video.

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