Friday, August 04, 2006

Clackronyms Got Ya Loony?

A new album will soon upon us! "A Thousand Different Ways!" to be released September 19th! And on it's heels the challenge of no less than 14 new acronmyms to commit to memory.

I know!.. the mere thought of it gives me a migraine. But the fact is that needing to learn them is inevitable!

The mind is a funny thing, however. Much funnier than we sometimes give it credit for. There is so much in there that goes unexercised. Flabby, if you will. Sometimes it's just a matter of overcoming the laziness. For example:

When was the last time you got tired of looking up a phone number that you call EVERY DAY? So finally you said to yourself... "Self... Just take 2 minutes out of your life and memorize the freaking number!" And guess what? I'll bet you never had to look up that number ever, ever again. Am I correct?

Another funny thing about the mind is it's ability to conjur up an image in relation to a series of alphas that have no resemblence to the image itself. Try this one:


See? I'll bet you saw a picture in your mind just then, didn't you?

Now try these:

  • TITN
  • WDC
  • MDYK
  • ISY
  • MOAM
  • BOTW
  • IWCY
So... any pictures there at all??? I thought so! But allow me to remind you just how much time and energy has gone into the ability to see them so easily.

So anyway, I thought I'd try to be proactive and get myself to the gym, as it were...

And so I've created this little tool. And simple as it may seem, it will work for you if you commit yourself to spending just a little time with it each day. And then when September 19th rolls around you will be READY.

Here are the easy instructions:

  1. Click on each picture to make it big and save to your computer.
  2. Print.
  3. Paste them together back to back making sure the grids are aligned. (You can do this by placing the pages back to back and holding them up to the light...)
  4. Laminate for durability.
  5. Cut along the lines.
  6. Oh heck, you know how it works.

~Post Script~

Of course some things are easier to commit to memory than others. For example: With hardly any effort at all I am now seeing this picture in my sleep...


lakecat said...

Mr. Aiken you clean up good.

I am working on the assignment of learning these acronyms. Hopefully I will have finished by September 19.

Erin said...

This is really fanastic and I will definitely be using it. Thanks for making it!

Southern Girl said...

Heee! I'm not only seeing that picture in my mind, when I look over at my very blank closet door, I'm seeing it there, too. *g*

Suzy said...

OMG J! I love the cheat sheet. This is coming from someone who still doesn't know the acronyms for the JNT05, or what the hell ROTFL stands for (even though I took a chance and used it once).

*I hope this doesn't post twice...*

Sarah Joy said...

Crap, I wasn't even thinking about the new acronyms until I read your blog!! Thanks for the cheat sheet - I didn't think I'd need it. Until looking at my desktop, and asking myself, what in the heck is this "IWKWLI" icon for?? Guess I'll be printing it off and studying.

Thanks for the message, but I've actually never even watched SYTYCD! (Did I get that one right??) And you're very brave going without Clay for a day. Very.

That last long acronym is hilarious - what song are YOU inserting?? Can't wait for a myspace survey from you!

Vox Vixen said...

Love your cheat sheet for the acronyms. I am definitely going to print it out. I am pretty sure I will need to laminate since it will getting a lot of use. *g*

Who can remember their own name much less an acronym while staring at Mr. "Do Me in the Stacks" Aiken?


lyrichord said...

Bwah! Love the flashcards. I personally refuse to learn the acronyms before the album comes out. I figure I'll learn them by osmosis after listening to Clay sing the words 1000X.