Sunday, July 30, 2006

I Want Another Night Like "This" One!..

Yes, it has been a long, hard drought. Who'd have ever thought last December that we'd be sitting around like this, still waiting for something, come... August?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, that's for sure.


It's now down to the wire. It's done! Fini! Now it's just a matter of when he will choose to share it... or when someone else will decide to leak it. And when they do, will we have the strength to not succumb?

In regards to the pics from the photoshoot, this was his subtle plea to us:

Knowing my luck, someone will probably leak them sooner or later and you'll see them before you're supposed to anyway! For the sake of the excitement of surprise, let's hope not!

"Knowing my luck"... Ha ha. He is so cute!

Suddenly I am taken back to an evening in February 2004. Anyone who was around that night will remember the absolute joy and magnificence of the occasion... as well as the carpel tunnel pains that kicked into overdrive as we attempted to click on that link faster than was humanly possible.

Mind you, at the time, we were already in the midst of a "feast."

But no problem succumbing... none at all.

So Clay, yea, I guess you should pretty much count on your "luck" running out on you this time around as well...

Every morning I wake up and think to myself... Will "this" be the night??? Because you just never know. And there are so many potential leaks sitting out there right now just waiting to be sprung and we just KNOW that at least one of them could possibly be headed our way at this very moment. Ah, the sheer anticipation of it all! It's just one of those many things that makes it so great to be a Clay fan.

Anyway, before it all hits the fans *g* I just wanted to revisit this picture one.more.time. Just for nostalgia's sake. Even though I'm afraid the only element of surprise I can offer you is this one...

Somebody named it "George"... just to help keep the secret. I like the name. Works for me.

And while we're on the subject of George... oh, what the heck... why not?..

But ssssshhhhh... cause it's sooper secret.


Cyndee said...

*sigh* Yes, I'm still waiting for it to "hit the fans." Hee.

It may just be wishful thinking, but I truly believe we may see the return of George for this project. I sure hope my poor heart can take it!

Erin said...

Oh that was such a great night. I still am so grateful for this piece of "bootleg" Clack. He sure is one gorgeous specimen in it.