Sunday, July 23, 2006

Angels Among Us...

Are there?

I've always believed in angels because otherwise how would we even be able to go out that door every day with all the crazy sh that happens on this spinning ball of a world we live in and still make it back in one piece? And personally, there have definitely been times when I have been touched by them and felt their presence.

I truly do believe that angels have the authority to intervene on our behalf... but only when their doing so would result in offsetting of a misdirected calamity... and thus allowing destiny to continue on course as intended. These occurences are somtimes referred to as miracles even though, more often than not, they simply slip by us unnoticed.

But the question I have right now is one that's been nagging at me...

Would a mere mortal have the ability to thwart the work of angels, the laws of destiny, the hand of fate... and thus alter, forever, the blueprint of things to be?

Would a mere mortal have the capacity to set that ball spinning off course?...

Even IF that mere mortal happened to be DIVINE and a "heavenly" creature himself?

So you all know what I'm talking about, right? The silly words to that song! I mean seriously?

And besides... Do angels fight???


But the imagery is fun. I can just picture his "get up." Would he fight with a sword?... or just with his shear talent for negotiating? Hopefully he'd have bangs hanging in his eyes with little beads of sweat dripping off the tips, exhausted from battle... because that would be, well, it would just be hott!

Even though I can't really picture him fighting. *sigh* Particularly after the pulling out of the underwear from the corduroys merited such inaction... and besides, I think he long ago realized long ago that all he needs to do is stand still to assure that all the critical fights will be fought FOR him.

The previous portion of this blog has been brought to you by Stream of Conciousness Inc.

But seriously... I have to admit I have never clicked on a link faster than I did when I saw 1000 Days! Gah! last week.
Ha.. fooled ya!

Geez, and honestly?... for the first few seconds there I actually thought it was something... Official. I mean I'm sitting there all googly-eyed and thinking... Aawww how cute!.. he's got kissy angels... and suns... and moons... and bunny rabbits!...or were they kittens or puppies... but honestly, my mind was completely removed from my brain there for that moment in time, even though I'm sure I wasn't all alone. Some of you thought the very same thing... didn't you? Right? *looks around* Oh come on now... you did!... No?..

*covers face*

It was just SO good to hear something new from him and with my volume turned up full blast it just felt to me that he was in the room somehow. Maybe it was just the breathiness of that first phrase and the air hump at the end that immediately transported me into the land of the microphone... imagining what it must be like to be her. And even after he "da dee da DA... da dee da DA'd" me to death over a fairly mediocre and droning mix for the next four minutes, I was still toast... whimpering and begging for more.

For a few days there were some very diverse reactions and some energetic opinions as to whether or not this song would make the cut. Many have said it would... and it only makes sense. A Thousand Days... A Thousand Different Ways. Personally, I think it will happen even though we now know for sure that it won't be that version. And how do we know that? Because just today he shared that he was listening to "a really bad bootlegged version" of the song. And why does this make me SO happy! Probably because I can just picture him rubbing his hands together with that mischevious grin and saying "They have no idea what they've got coming."

I cannot WAIT to hear what we've got coming...

I just want him to bring it and bring it soon. The voice front and center as we've never heard it before. And even though idea of that seems impossibly impossible, he has surprised us time and time again. I just want to be so "shocked and awed that the angels have to be called in to resuscitate. And I'm just thinking this could happen! And plus I'm due a "sick" day.

Cover photos have been shot (as of today) and so now all we have to do is... wait.

Hopefully just a couple more spins...

And then... SPINS!

I am SO ready.


lyrichord said...

What a fun blog (and I don't even care for 1000 Days)! I'm still ROTFL at Clay's listening to a bad bootleg copy of 1000 Days. Boy is so funny and knows us too well.

Hotforclay said...

I really enjoyed your blog!! Your description of Clay with the sweat on his face... GAH!!! HOT IS RIGHT! And I agree with the mediocre 1000 day song sung by an amazing talented man with the voice that won't quit. And THAT WAS THE BAD VERSION! Whether the song is bad or good..who cares..just hearing his voice was enough to make me happy!

Vox Vixen said...

I loved your angel blog. Very creative. Somehow everytime I think of angels, I think of Clay with a crooked halo ready topple off his head. I'm ready for a little bad boy or should I say devil boy. *g*

1000 Days is not my favorite song, but BF sings the schnitz out of it. I'm glad to have a semi-decent version of it, though I hope it's not on the album. I don't really think that it is. Who am I kidding. I don't care what's on the album. I just want him to sing to me. Soon. Very Soon.

~ YSRN ~ said...

If there are angels around, could one of them please make me clever? Thankyouverymuch!