Saturday, July 15, 2006

All These Dang Words!...

We have an album title!.. sort of. And we stayed up all night trying to figure it out. Clay says that we're close but that some of us need to get together and mix our words together. He also says that the title of this album covers so many bases and that it has multiple meanings when it comes to expressing what the project is about.

This fandom is creative, no doubt. Some of the more brilliant guesses have been:

  • A Tall Dorky Warbler

  • A Thousand Days Waiting

  • Are They Done Whining?

  • All This Damn Waiting!

  • All These Dang Women!

  • Aiken Thrills, Dames Whimper

  • Ah Truly Despise Water

  • Ack! This Damn Wig!

  • Aiken, The Donut Worshipper

  • And They Died Waiting

  • Avalon Tunes Done Well

  • Ah'm Tweakin' Da Work

  • A Terrible Dancer, What?

  • Aiken Tries Doo Wop

  • Aiken Takes Down World

  • All Ten Decades Worth

  • Always Tie Down Waldo

  • Some of the more practical guesses have included:

  • All The Dreams Within

  • Aiken: Thoughts, Dreams, Wishes

  • At Times Dreams Wait

  • All Things Deep Within

  • All The Different Ways

  • A Timeless Dream Within

  • Always Try, Dream, Wish

  • Across Two Different Worlds

  • All The Dreams Waiting

  • A Thousand Different Ways ~ (as of 7/18/06!)

    He has told us to expect love songs, yet none of these flowery titles seem to suit this project somehow. I feel that there is something missing here, an angle we haven't thought of yet. Something deeper. An angst in him that he wants to share, but in a cryptic way.

    So I'm going to venture one guess, and one guess only... even though it's as far from a practical guess as one could probably get.

    He said it would cover many bases and have multiple meanings and that it was of importance to him. I just glanced at the coverpage from LTS and reread the reference from Exodus 14:14 which reads "The Lord will fight for you. All you have to do is stand still."

    To me that translates that after you have done all you can and the very best you can... the Lord will pick up the slack. There is also another scripture from somewhere I can't recall that reads "After having done all... Stand" which has always been one of my favorites. At least one to strive for. So this is my singular off-the-wall guess.

    After The Doing... Wait.

    Yeah dumb... and most likely not. But I'm still not giving up on this angle. I think it will somehow end up relating back to something we've heard from his mouth or pen before and we'll all end up going "duh."

    But honestly?.. My favorite guess so far has been...

    Aiken Truly Did Win.

    Even though we can assume that's most likely NOT the title, it would still allow the acronym to fall into the genre of multiple meanings.

    And then of course there was All That Damn Wine... which made me laugh so hard last night that I got a serious attack of the hiccups...

    Anyway, it's just all so exciting that we will SOON know the actual title and that it will SOON be a part of our lives and it'll be wrapped around our ears... and all of this guesswork will have become a thing of the past. And when we SOON see the acronym ATDW we'll know. We'll just KNOW.

    Funny when you think about it that way. I wonder what in the world we ever would have done with...


    Vox Vixen said...

    Nice summary of the guesses.

    MOAM--Man On A Mission

    cuz' he is


    Sarah Joy said...

    I like your guess! It really does cover a lot of bases - for him and for us fans.

    Thanks for summarizing the other guesses too, I haven't had time to read through much of them. His fans truly are creative!!

    And you're right - what in the world would we have done with MOAM?? More than likely no one would have guess it correctly!!

    Another great blog!

    WRU said...

    Cute Blog!

    Thanks for sharing!