Saturday, July 08, 2006

X.J.Q.Z!... So what would U do?

Seriously!… I mean what were the odds??? Perhaps I need to get my butt into this game afterall.

**The Claynation is frazzled!!!... with only four days left! The pandemonium began at 8:36 pm on July 4th... in lieu of fireworks.

The quest? To uncover the N.A.N.A. (New Album Name Acronym)

So we know now that it won’t be S.O.O.N. But we also know that it won’t be M.A.M.A…

And how do we know that? Because he’s finally given us a C.L.U.E.

(But it’s sooper secret…)

He’s been very clear on how we should submit our entries. We need to post them, not only on his blog, but in the "Official” way as well, as that is the only way it will truly count. So hopefully nobody will get so caught up the "Penpal" thing that they forget to follow the rules to the utmost and end up completely blowing their chances. "Chances" HA! Freakin’ L.U.C.K. is more like it.

And are we even sure there will actually BE a winner? Even though something tells me there will be, because he truly wants one! Can you tell? So yes, I feel assured that there will be even if he has to change the rules or lessen the odds another half dozen times in the meantime…

‘Cause afterall, it IS his G.A.M.E…

Either way, at least we'll know the album title soon enough... and seriously?...that's good enough for me. Because when I really think about it, I don't know if I would be able to actually survive a personal phone call from him. I mean, on paper it sounds like da bomb and all... but in reality I think I would most definitely C.R.A.P.

So many things I've loved about these latest blogs. First of all... just the fact that he's blogging again and that he seems to be so caught up in it and well, just that he’s B.A.C.K.

But I just have three questions...

  • Does he actually think we "snoop?"
  • And why does he always call us "guys?"
  • And does the latest "hint" mean that if we pull out a consonant on our first pick that we're suppose to toss it back in??? Random "lotto strategy." He's funny.

I haven't submitted any guesses yet. Perhaps I'm one of the lucky one's who didn't jump the gun... Maybe because I'm one of those one’s who has to think things over and ponder them to death first. And then, after receiving the first hint, had to go out and purchase a Scrabble game just so that I could create my own little scrabble-tile lottery and then after drawing letters at “random” as per instructions kept tossing them back trying to come up with something that could actually make sense? Which has still yet to occur. Anal some? Absolutely. And still unsubmitted...

I'm thinking that if somebody could find the time to go through all of the thousand-whatever posts and plop all of those letters into an Excel spreadsheet... and then sort them by first and last and THEN by second and third ... there'd definitely be a way to figure this out. But anyway...I'm sure "somebody's" probably already done that, right?

He said:
  • "I can not WAIT."
  • "I anticipate..."
  • "long and hard..."
  • "I REALLY love it..."
  • "Respond to me..."
  • "MIssing you..."
  • "The time is drawing nearer..."
  • "I'm pumped..."
  • "Leave me a note..."
  • "I want to see..."
  • "I've been looking..."
  • "Multiple..."
  • "So many bases..."
  • "Keep it up."
  • "Tension mounts!"
  • "I'm excited!.."
  • "It’s FUNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!"

I’m thinking that maybe WE should "up the ante" ourselves and suggest that he "randomly" choose one of the above to say to the winner over the phone. Or maybe we can just change the rules later… and let the winner decide...

Ha, I am looking at some of the things he said up there and almost giggling, yet... Nah, pretty much just giggling.

Our boyfriend is a ding-dang riot.

But adorable too.

elouai's doll maker 3

And he SO knows it…

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