Friday, July 28, 2006

When I See Him Smile...

I Eeeeeee!

He blogged twice today and gave us our first "specific hint" in regards to album content. It was offered up as a "thank you" to the "Claymates" who in one day donated $47,556.96 towards UNICEF's work with the children in Lebanon. That equates to 17% of the total monies donated to UNICEF towards this crisis.

I wonder who tossed in the $6.96?

He went on to say how these donations would provide 195 emergency health kits for 194,906 people for 3 months as well as helping with education of 20,338 children with the gifts of 254 school-in-a-box kits. I'm gonna trust him on this one.

I am SO proud to be a fan today... a "Claymate" as it were. And I guess just due to the fact that he finally feels comfortable saying that word ... it's probably the very least I can do to just try my best to be an AMAZING one... though I'm not gonna like it much...

Anyway, if ya wanna channel teacher Clay and do the math, the donations equate to either one or a combination of the following:

  • 4,756 "Claymates" donated $10 ea.

  • 2,378 "Claymates" donated $20 ea.

  • 953 "Claymates" donated $50 ea.

  • 475 "Claymates" donated $100 ea.

  • Keep in mind that the greater majority of his fans probably didn't donate just because they weren't able to, which is "absolutely cool." And those that did probably wouldn't have without his... inspiration... simply due to the fact that they most likely wouldn't have been aware of it.

    So my thoughts, any way you calculate them, are that I don't really see a problem with him going triple platinum right off the bat this time.

    He said... "Holy Moly."

    He said... "I love you guys!"

    Geesh.. why does he always call us guys?...

    When I See You Smile...

    Sometimes I wonder
    How I'd ever make it through,
    Through this world without having you
    I just wouldn't have a clue

    'Cause sometimes it seems
    Like this world's closing in on me,
    And there's no way of breaking free
    And then I see you reach for me

    Sometimes I wanna give up
    I wanna give in,
    I wanna quit the fight
    And then I see you, baby
    And everything's alright,
    everything's alright

    When I see you smile
    I can face the world, oh oh,
    you know I can do anything
    When I see you smile
    I see a ray of light, oh oh,
    I see it shining right through the rain
    When I see you smile
    Oh yeah, baby when I see you smile at me

    Baby there's nothing in this world
    that could ever do
    What a touch of your hand can do
    It's like nothing that I ever knew

    And when the rain is falling
    I don't feel it,
    'cause you're here with me now
    And one look at you baby
    Is all I'll ever need,
    you're all I'll ever need

    Sometimes I wanna give up
    I wanna give in,
    I wanna quit the fight
    And then I see you baby
    And everything's alright,
    everything's alright

    So right..

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    Vox Vixen said...

    Thanks for linking my blog to yours.

    It is rather amazing the amount of money that was raised in such a short amount of time. Clay's fans are awesome, as is he.


    Sarah Joy said...

    I saw the total, but I never really broke it down and did the math. And not only that - but one of his fans, who also must like Rosie O'Donnell, got her to match that and donate another $47,000!!!

    The Holy Moly and I love you guys got to me too. Hey, he can call me anything he wants to if I love you is attached to it!!

    Always a pleasure reading!