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So here we are yet in the midst of another contest. Another challenge of sorts. The quest to find the New Album Name Acronym. But we, as Clay Aiken fan's, have become very good at these. In fact we'll embrace any and all challenges or invitations he tosses our way. We have a very successful track record.

But this new one. Hmm... I find it interesting, especially since there was such a wealth of "between the lines" potential in that OFC announcement.

First of all... and I realize this isn't rocketscience... but I gleaned from it that there probably won't be a CD or tour announcement this summer. I think we should probably expect to hear something on or right around September 1st. I'm sure they realize that no respectable card carrying Clay Aiken fan is gonna just whip out said "card" and frantically type in those 16 little digits without being handed some substantial news first. So we get the summer off. With no stress. Bwah! I thought that was cute... and imaginative.

Second of all... I think we can deduce that there is no title, of yet, for the album. I don't believe that what we are being asked to do is "guess" the new title, but actually "name" it ourselves. Again... brilliant! He has complete faith in us, that's apparent. But no complaints here, because it's just good to know that we'll at least have the album title come July 15th.

And of course I'll submit my guess and try to make it a good one but since I only get ONE chance I probably won't use WATO... cause that probably wouldn't market him to his best advantage. But seriously... What Are The Odds?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I remember submitting my Clay "pun" and thinking it was fairly creative...

Multipliclaytion = The math skill needed to be able to calculate the fact that you are twice his age.

Yeah, ok... I truly understand why that one didn't win. But I had another one too...

Baiken and Claygg's = The dish that anyone of us would like to be serving to him right this very moment.

I didn't submit it because it just felt too corny. *g*

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And let's see? Other challenges?...

  • Well, on 7/25/05 he asked us in so many words to come support him at the GMA Summer Concert Series. So we came.

  • On 8/2/05 he teased us about the name of his upcoming album and asked us to be patient... We were.

  • On 9/29/05 he hinted that there might be some album info "forthcoming" in the next few weeks and asked us to talk amongst ourselves. We did. H*ll, we still are...

  • On 10/2/05 we were introduced to the creator of some of his artwork from his home in Chatsworth and his good friend. We all peeked.

  • In November and December of '05 we obediently yet unintentionally sent the stock prices for 3M black electrical tape through the roof.

  • On 11/19/05 he asked us to continue to support his friend and ex-backup singer, Jacob Luttrell, and to keep him in our prayers... or at least that's what I gathered from it. I think most of us have.
  • Oops, link's dead now. Oh well.

  • On 1/17/06 some of us dug out the bibles and blew the dust off of them in order to read Isaiah 51:7 first hand.

  • And then on 1/23/06 we circled our wagons. Now I realize this wasn't a request or a challenge. In fact, it was probably the last thing he expected. But he gave it all back to us just by uttering two words. Not a problem darlin'. Services happily rendered.

  • On 1/30/06 he coined the famous phrase "QUITE soon" and of course we believed him again.

  • Now on 2/14/06, and this is a departure, instead of asking us to do something he actually asked our permission. He wanted to know if "we were OK" with him taking each one of us as his own personal Valentine. Of course we all said "sure."

  • During the first few days of March we pulled out our Atlas's and took a refresher course on the geography of Eastern Europe.

  • On 3/14/06 a rerun of Scrubs nearly rivaled the Neilsen ratings for Idol. A subtle request at best... but we picked up on it.

  • Sales for the book The Kite Runner" soared during the first week of April. All due to one little "suggestion."

  • But on 5/17/06 his challenge to refrain from eating mexican food fell flat as a flour tortilla. I tried... but lasted only an hour.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And speaking of chimichangas...

I think my very favorite challenge of his to date was presented to us on 9/16/05. Remember during that annoying mini-drought of '05? Those painful two months we had to wait between tours? Nick had the camera (right?) and so he had absolutely no pictures at all to share with us? So once again he shared with us two words... "Draw Some." And so we did.

I have a horrible fear of stick figures because I think they are creepy yet even a greater fear of trying to draw something more complicated. So even though I'd never drawn anything in my life I reticently took the bate.

And this is how it turned out...

I'm thinking right now about how fun it might be to draw new Clay. May I suggest that we "draw some?"

**Even though I somehow I doubt that my voice will speak with the same authority...**

Anyway, let me share with you my inspiration... by way of Spotlightlover.

geesh... now I completely forgot what I was talking about...

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Sarah Joy said...

So many things to comment on . . . I love how you summed up all his "chores" he's made us do!! And I think your clay pun was great too!! I also liked your drawing - heckofalot better than I could ever do, face or no face! As for the NANA game, who knows what's going on. But they better produce the winner and title of the album soon after the contest is over, we're chomping at the bit already!!

Thanks for the comment - I like your blog!!