Monday, October 09, 2006

When I See Him Smile... It Makes Me Wanna Do Stuff.

For some reason I can't seem to get the following stanza out of my brain...

Baby there's nothin' in the world that could ever do
what the touch of your hands can do,
It's like nothin' that I ever knew.


I know, silly. I mean, there's this whole album of goodness out there and yet I just seem to keep fixating totally on this one little snippet. I just love the way he sings it! No it's even more than that... I am totally addicted to those three lines! So much so that I sat down this morning and opened up my rusty ole' Windows Movie Maker and had ALMOST come up with something decent before I realized how it was way past my bedtime. And then... just by chance, I realized that Shasta had already beat me to the punch anyway! Now I don't know Shasta from Adam, but still, she's so totally cool in my book because she unwittingly saved me from this obsession of mine... and of having to stay up until like 4:00 in the morning probably... PLUS she has the behind the scenes clips which I've been searching hi and low for to no avail... and also, she did a really, really good job. So I'll just tuck my smiley pictures away for another day. *sulks off*


OK, well thanks ALOT Shasta! : ( I really don't remember what this video was all about, but I'm betting it was really good...

... At any rate... as much as I love (and I mean LOVE) his new look, there's still something about that earlier smile that I fell in love with. Ya know the one that he use to do before he knew? So yeah, ok… I know… he ALWAYS knew… but I mean the ones during that time when we were first discovering that he knew that we knew.. that he knew? Anyway, the first time I saw that first one I think my stomach did somersaults. Nevermind that it’s now moved on to doing backflips, there was still something so indescribably extraordinary about those early-on smile memories that I just don’t ever, EVER want to leave behind.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And then, of course, there are always those unexpected little moments when fandoms collide... and completely entertwine themselves.

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