Saturday, September 30, 2006

I Have Been Remiss...

I Have!

Gosh, so much going on and I have just been being so ding-dang lazy. Of course I work full time and go to school too... (plus the leaf raking, but that only takes up a couple of hours a day... and besides that's another blog.)

I just want to start out here by saying what a wonderful couple of weeks this has been. But of course since I'm obviously lazy I haven't kept up to the extent any reeally serious, card carrying Clay fan would have kept up.

But I did manage to catch the final number for the first week CD sales which was $211,234 and landed him at #2 on the charts. Wow! And I only purchased 3 this time as opposed to the 10 I bought of MOAM. I look forward to the day when we'll all only have to buy 1... and all those other people we've been buying them for will be there in line... in front of us.

Anyway, the celebration began for me at the West Michigan CD Release Party at the T.G.I.F. in Kalamazoo, Michigan and I was deeply touched by the outpouring of Clay love that exists here in my neck of the woods and by spending an absolutely amazing evening with women whom I'd never even met before. Seriously, I thought it was just me... all alone. And then later at Walmart I just kept looking at all these women standing in the checkout line at 12:30 a.m. and smiled so exuberantly to myself.

But like I said, I've been lazy and just EVER SO CONTENT to look and listen... and this blogging stuff takes work! However, I would never forgive myself for passing up the opportunity to preserve some of the past weeks memories on my blog. So that said...

David Foster's Star Search (9/9)

Leno (9/15)

GMA (9/19)

Diane Sawyer Interview (9/20)

People Magazine

Virgin Book Signing (9/26)

Kimmel (9/26)

Larry King Live (9/28)

And now...if you're interested in actually READING about this amazing week plus enjoying some really beeeautiful pictures as well, please visit Carolina Clay's blog (and check out her other recent posts too)...'coss there's no laziness there to be found. Nope. None at all.


lyrichord said...

Dayum, he's gorgeous.

Clay Aiken Street Team said...

Clay's CD has been out for 11 days. We must get him airplay. Yes! Airplay!

Please visit: (Which is a directory of radio stations from all over the planet)

To find a station in your area (and if you wanna help Clay out, anywhere near your area or places you expect to visit in the future, etc) please be sure to request "A THOUSAND DAYS" ("Without You" is great, but A Thousand Days is a gem). Thank you!

Remember, Clay loves us and appreciates us all. Let us share his beautiful voice with the world, as he did with us.


Clay Aiken Street Team