Saturday, September 23, 2006

What's there to say... when it's already been said?..

It's been awhile... and yes, this blog title has 1000 different meanings.

I've been trying to blog, I honestly have. But I was waiting for that "perfect picture"... and then there were suddenly 1000 perfect pictures. So it was really hard to choose just one.

Thanks to my good friend Karen Eh? for that one. I'm so glad that she has such a trustworthy camera and is mapquest savvy to boot.

Meanwhile, all I seem to be able to do is look at him and listen. And isn't that enough? So much angst out there yet I am amazed at how over the years the angst has turned into so much wisdom. I love reading the thoughtful posts. Wish I was better at them. But I think I've determined over the years that my favorite sport is just... listening.

I love him beyond reason... which still confuses the heck out of me. Life would be so much easier and much less expensive if I could only learn to kick this habit... but I can't. So I've learned to just accept it... and enjoy.


webweaver said...

Heh. I know how you feel! Somehow things feel so much better, clearer and sparklier when Clay's voice is drifting through the air, or his yummy face is on my computer screen. And isn't it a great feeling just to let go and enjoy it?

Thanks so much for linking to my blog today. I really appreciate it.

gothedistance said...

Ooooh. That is a lovely pic. I'm going to take your advice and just stare at it for awhile.

Carolina Clay said...


I'm supposed to be pulling together my income tax numbers (no more extensions!), but I would much rather sit here and look at KarenEh's photo while Clay continues to sing to me on loop.

Enjoyed both "What's there to say" and "Hanging this thing" very much. When I finish the evil deed, I will come back and read farther back.

Thank you for your kind comment in my current blog. Such a fun week with Clay!

Have a great weekend!