Monday, September 04, 2006

Ode To Willow...

I had a willow once. Like yesterday. It's funny how they say... "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"... and "You never know what you've got till it's gone." Cause it's true.

For nearly 14 years Willow sheltered and shaded my home. Now don't get me wrong!... we certainly had our fair share of bickering... particularly during the annual bonding days of early spring and late fall. But for the most part, she was a good ole gal... and there were more hours spent beneath the shade of her branches than I could possibly begin to articulate. Some of the most peaceful moments I've ever spent in my life... I might add.

But then... in March of 2003, smack dab in the middle of AI2... (for content purposes) a terrible ice storm hit our neck of the woods and she lost a whole piece of her upper section.

And it wasn't pretty!

And although she seemed to come back pretty well in the Spring, she still, to a critical eye, looked a little "Weepier" than usual.

That was three and a half years ago... and looking back, I don't think she ever fully recovered. I think it was some time in July of this year that I realized she was a gonner. Every day she became a little bit worse. It must have been that long drought.

Anyway... it was was one of the toughest decisions I've ever had to make.

Weep With Me Here For A Moment... The weeping willow tree is not only unique in appearance, but in it's meaning as well. The weeping willow is probably the most symbolic of all the trees in the world. It is usually looked upon with a vision of sadness and grief, although sitting under the willow can be seen as protection and comfort. The weeping willow is seen as peaceful and serene by most. Some even say that if you listen closely enough you can hear it whisper in the wind. It has a sense of grace and beauty about it. It is nature's own ballerina. As the wind blows through the leaves, it dances and twirls with the most delicate of motions. This tree has a sense of courage to it. It allows the whole world to see it's innermost feelings. It is also said to have a wise spirit.

I wonder if she felt any pain.

We had some good times Willow... Some really, really good times. But anyway... please rest well. And in case you didn't hear me whisper it to you the other night...

Thank you.

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dlbury85 said...

Chardonay, you are such a good and expressive writer. Why not try writing a children's book called "The Willow". I know it would be a great hit, using your illustrations. I sat here and cried through the whole story. I'll be looking for it on the shelves of Borders, Deseret Book, or some other book store.
Love, dlbury85