Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sixty-One Days Until Christmas... and counting.

But this could all change of course... since just yesterday it was sixty-two... or wait... it would have been sixty-three yesterday, just before he completely shredded any hope I might have had about ever being able to witness a first concert when he announced Waukegan, right?.. Even though, and I swear to you, I would climb every mountain... forge every stream... follow every rainbow. No seriously, I swear I would!!! For him? Anything! Really.

'Cept just not if I have to drive through Chicago to do it.

Anyway... as of now it's still definitely sixty-one... even though it's really still sixty-two for me... pending further updates. And honestly?... I don't think Peoria on November 30th is completely out of the question. However, for ldyjocelyn's sake I'm hoping he'll book it on the 29th...

This blog has been brought to you by NACT Inc.

OK... I just got really, really side-tracked there for a moment. Now back to working on the blog I was working on before all my fantasies of a perfect world became completely unhinged...

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